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Qu’est ce qu’on peut mettre dans un bagage à main ?

Qu’est ce qu’on peut mettre dans un bagage à main ? -

What can you put in hand luggage?

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Have you ever reserved your flight to an incredible destination? Have you already decided what you are going to take in your suitcase but find it difficult to do your hand luggage? Wondering what you can take in the cabin or not?

Don't worry. We all asked ourselves the question at least once. And to answer it, our team prepared this article for you with the elements to take in your hand luggage.

Hand baggage is an essential element of the trip you should never forget. It allows you to transport with you all the essential travel items that you have not put in the hold.

Whether it is sharp objects, electronic devices, food or everyday items, you will find all the answers to your questions in this complete guide to what you can take by plane in your Hand luggage - and what is not authorized.

Let's find out that right away.

I - What is hand baggage?


Hand baggage is a piece of luggage which can be brought aboard the plane and stored in the upper compartment or under the seat in front of you. This is an essential element that can be very precious during your trip.

What is considered hand baggage?

Technically, any piece of luggage that you "carry" aboard an airplane is hand baggage. Most airlines allow hand baggage that can enter the upper compartment, as well as a "personal article" (small handbag, computer bag, changing bag, small backpack, etc. which can be placed under the seat in front of you).

What is the standard size of hand luggage?

The dimensions of international hand luggage vary, but most respect the same size requirements as national airlines.

There Standard size of hand luggage in aircraft cabin is of 55x35x25 Centimeters (including the handle and the wheels), although you can find a centimeter or two of difference between the airlines.

Make sure that the size of your hand luggage is correct or you will not be allowed to take your bag on the plane.

What is the difference between hand baggage and a personal article?

Most airlines authorize passengers to take away both hand baggage and personal article such as backpack, laptop bag, handbag, or even a case.

As a rule, your personal article must be smaller than your hand luggage and can slip under the seat in front of you.

Is there a weight limit for hand luggage?

Generally, airports do not impose a weight limit for hand luggage. If you can hoist it in the upper compartment, it is that everything is fine!

II - What should you put in your hand luggage?

Now that you know what a handbag, let's see together what are the essential travel items that you should keep in it.

You surely know but valuables such as jewelry, documents and money are what most people take in their hand luggage.

We have therefore drawn up a list of absolutely essential travel articles and have made personal recommendations on the best articles in each category.

When you prepare your hand luggage, you must first strive to facilitate your visit to the airport. Articles such as a travel portfolio and an easily accessible toiletry bag will help you stay organized and quickly pass the security checks.

Then make sure that your flight experience is as comfortable and pleasant as possible. This is where essential travel accessories come in, such as snacks and a travel pillow.

Finally, even if it is only the worst scenarios, it is always possible that your recorded luggage does not arrive at their destination. So you will want to take anything that will save you from spending a day or two to wait to find your belongings, like your phone charger.

Thanks to these 8 essentials, you will be ready to face all the unforeseen people of your trip, whether it be the loss of a luggage, noisy neighbors on the plane, of a little weather mild, and much more.

1. You need a pen and a notebook

Here is the essential object of which you do not suspect existence. With distant destinations, it is very likely that you will have to fill out an landing or immigration form before being authorized to enter your destination country. Make yourself a favor and take one.

The notebook, meanwhile, allows you to note all your travel ideas in a simple way. Choose in a small enough for it to slip into your hand luggage.

2. Spare clothes

Having spare clothes in your hand luggage is an essential element, especially for a long-haul flight. It is the ideal way to cool off and feel normal again.

In case your airline is losing your luggage, spare clothes will allow you to hold a day or two before you are given your luggage (or you buy a new wardrobe).

Finally you can also take with you clothes against the rain if it may spoil your vacation. We will especially think of a windbreaker or a mini umbrella. Now, if the rain does not bother you, it is not necessary.

3. A toiletry bag

Again, the best way to stay healthy during a flight is to stay as fresh as possible. Bringing with you a toiletry bag is therefore a great way to feel good and clean.

Yes, but here, what should you take? Do not stress, toiletries for one or two days should be more than enough.

In addition to the toothpaste, toothbrush and usual dental wire, take a deodorant, a lip balm and a moisturizer for the face, hands or both. Whether it is an anti-aging moisturizer, a face oil, or a nourishing hand cream, these products will help you keep your skin in great shape when you take the plane.

4. Disinfectant wipes and gel

Catching any disease during flight is a quick way to spoil a vacation that could have been restful. Do not take this risk.

Instead, use alcoholic travel wipes to kill germs while you are on the go.

If you use a small bottle of hand disinfectant gel, just make sure it does not exceed 100 ml, otherwise you will have to say goodbye to your boyfriend during security check.

5. Something to keep you hot

The planes can be a little cold. So bring a sweatshirt or a jacket to keep you warm.

If you go in the sun and have already put your sandals, you can also take a pair of hot socks. If you are comfortable, it will be much easier for you to sleep.

6. Travel pillow

Long flights can be a stressful test, especially when it comes to resting comfortably and getting something that looks like a decent sleep.

Most plane seats are not ergonomically designed to allow you to sit for long hours without suffering from cervical pain.

So it can be a good idea to travel with a pillow for the neck to enjoy a softer and more comfortable flight.

By damping your head, a U -travel pillow can help you fall asleep and fight the usual fatigue caused by uncomfortable plane seats. Its lightness and compactness allow it to slip easily into your hand luggage.

Easy to wash, the travel pillow is the par excellence travel accessory!

7. Eye mask

This article will save your life. Sleeping in a vertical position can be difficult, which is why a eyes mask is a practical tool that can make this challenge slightly easier. It allows you to block the light and catch up with lost sleep on a trip.

And if you want to go even further in the process, also take ear traffic jams! For any cases where you do not necessarily want to wear your headphones - for example to sleep - but where you still want to stifle the ambient nuisances that surround you, a game of earplugs is just as essential.

8. A little entertainment

Sometimes the on -board service is phenomenal, other times ... not that much. It is therefore important to be able to count on something to pass time.

This is why we advise you to load all your electronic devices with many films, television series, games, electronic books, etc. To entertain you.

Also, don't forget to take a portable charger, you don't want your phone to be electricity in the middle of your favorite series.

Ready to go on vacation?

You now know everything about hand luggage. When you go on vacation and have to fly, think about the essential travel items you will need during your flight. Then make your hand luggage.

Be aware that if you show up for registration with a Article prohibited on board the plane, you can normally put it in your hold baggage (assuming that it is authorized in the hold).

If it is an object which is not at all authorized on board the plane, it will normally be confiscated to the recording before boarding. This is why it is best to always check the regulation of your airline to find out what is authorized and what is not on board, before making your luggage.

And you, do you have any advice to share with us on hand luggage? Make us in mind in the comments!

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