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Rigid Vanity

Choose in our collection Rigid vanity, the model that will bePerfect for storing your toiletries and make -up for all your trips, in a solid and reliable vanity. You can also discover on the site, the complete collection ofVanity case To find the article that will suit you among all our sizes and colors.

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Rigid vanitys are essential travel accessories for people who wish to travel with confidence. Whether you are a makeup professional or just a person who wants to take care of his beauty products, a rigid makeup bag is the ideal accessory. The rigid vanitys offer optimal protection for your makeup and your beauty products, while being aesthetic and practical.

At Sogaïa, we have a wide range of rigid vanitys to meet all needs. Whatever your style, you will find a makeup bag that will suit you perfectly. Whether you are looking for an elegant design or a bright color, we have what you need.

OUR Vanity Rigid collection is made from quality materials, such as polycarbonate, PVC or ABS, to guarantee shock resistance, which makes them Perfect for protecting your bottles and for plane or train trips. In addition, these materials are light, which reduces the total weight of the baggage.

We offer rigid vanitys of different sizes to meet the needs of all our customers. If you are looking for a rigid vanity to transport your beauty products, our small model will be perfect. If you need more space, we also offer medium and large rigid vanitys.

Our Vanity Rigide collection is available in a variety of colors to meet all tastes and styles. We offer rigid vanitys in classic colors such as black, white and gray, as well as more bright and daring colors such as pink, blue and green.

In addition to their elegant design, our rigid vanitys are also very practical. They are Equipped with perfect storage compartments to store and organize your beauty products And your travel accessories. Some models even have zipped pockets and straps to keep the bottles in place. Choosing a rigid vanity may seem difficult with so many options available. We also offer rigid vanitys with integrated mirrors To facilitate the application of your makeup.

Our Vanity Rigid collection is also very easy to carry. Some models can be used as hand baggage in the plane cabin. Our models are equipped with a transport handle to facilitate transport. Some models also have a removable transport strap for hands -free transport. Practical for plane trips, some models of vanitys are equipped with a combination lock, which makes it possible to secure the contents of the toilet bag and protect it from shocks during the trip.

At Sogaïa, we are proud to offer quality rigid vanitys at competitive prices. We know that travel can be expensive, which is why we strive to offer products at affordable prices.

In conclusion, a rigid vanity is the ideal accessory for traveling with your beauty products. It offers optimal protection, practical organization and elegant aesthetic. At Sogaïa, we are proud to offer you A wide range of rigid vanitys to meet all your needs If you are looking for a quality rigid vanity for your trips, you are in the right place. With their elegant design, their exceptional practicality and sustainability, our rigid vanitys are the perfect travel accessory for people who wish to travel with confidence. Order your favorite rigid vanity now on our Sogaïa e-commerce site and take advantage of the best prices, our promotions and our special offers to offer you the rigid vanity of your dreams!

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