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Vanity Case

Choose from our complete Vanity Case collection, the Women's Vanity which will be perfect for storing your bathroom toiletries, makeup and all your cosmetics for your travels .

If you are looking for a precise search, you can also browse through our different Vanity Case collections, and discover the Rigid Vanity collection, ideal for having your toiletries in a solid and reliable storage bag. But also the Travel Vanity collection, perfect for all your travels. The Vanity Girl collection another choice to satisfy your princess. And finally our Vanity for Baby , to store and have with you everything at hand, for your baby.

A large number of models, colors and sizes at the best prices.

Available in various designs, colors and shapes, the vanity case has found its place in every woman's bathroom or suitcase. The reason ? An ideal bag for storing and taking your toiletries, cosmetics and make-up items anywhere.

Most of you need at least one of these essentials to keep your products and items organized and in good condition.

If you're already a fan of the vanity case, you probably don't need to know about its benefits. But in case you are looking to buy one, here are the reasons why you will fall in love with our vanity case collection.

The vanity case, an accessory to take everywhere

It is portable and can be used to carry your daily beauty products safely when you are on the go. Our vanity cases are designed to keep your cosmetics and makeup organized.

Depending on the design of the bag you choose, section dividers inside the vanity are used to store your various products.

You will generally find external pockets for smaller products such as creams or your makeup products such as lipsticks or mascara for example, but with the comfort of having all your products kept in one and the same place.

Even when you're in a rush, just grab your vanity case and go. It's as simple as that.

A vanity case to organize and store all your items

The vanity case is the perfect complement to transport your belongings in a group and always have them well placed in all kinds of compartments.

Here you will find many models with different designs and sizes to meet your specific needs. In particular, you will find in our collection of large vanity cases with several compartments and pockets.

It allows you to distribute the objects that you need to carry with you on a daily basis and that fit quickly and conveniently into your vanity. You won't run the risk of forgetting anything.

We will think in particular of your jewelry which can be kept separately from your main compartment in smaller pockets.

The vanity case: a trendy product that matches your personality

Once you know what you are looking for and the size you need, choose your favorite design. Here you will find many different models.

Choose your material: leather, nylon, synthetic... choose your color: are they dark so they don't go out of style, or bright in color so they're easy to find?

There are also some with fun prints and patterns. But if you want to give it an original and different touch, personalize your vanity case. A touch of personality that will distinguish it from the others.

Easy care and premium material quality

In terms of maintenance, our vanity cases are very easy to clean. The disadvantage of this type of product is that it tends to crack over time, which is why we have taken particular care in selecting the materials that make up our range.

Our transparent vanity case, for example, is of excellent quality and allows you to see at a glance what is inside. Moreover, our selection of vanity cases are waterproof, which will allow you to clean up stains or a possible spill in the blink of an eye.

Ready to choose your vanity case?

The contents of a woman's vanity case can vary widely. Some women keep beauty accessories like cosmetics, while others use a vanity case only for makeup.

That's why you will find vanity cases in our collection available in small, medium or large sizes. You already know this, but it's worth remembering that a vanity case used every day can be quite small, while a vanity case intended for holidays of several days or even weeks can be larger.

Finally, be aware that most of our vanity cases have a strap and a handle, which makes them ideal accessories for camping and travelling.

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