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Comment choisir le bon sac à langer

Comment choisir le bon sac à langer ? -

How to choose the right diaper bag?

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Are you a young mother and looking for a diaper bag? Have you seen many models on the market but don't know how to choose? Want to be sure to find the diaper bag that suits your needs and baby's needs?

You are in the right place. At Sogaïa, we are changing bag experts and know exactly how to help you.

We usually choose a diaper bag for its beauty, that's a fact. But beyond the aesthetic aspect, there are several practical features that are essential to make your outings with your child a success.

In this article, we will see together:

  • What is a diaper bag
  • Why use a diaper bag
  • What are the characteristics to consider when choosing a diaper bag

Choosing a diaper bag will no longer hold any secrets for you. You will know exactly what elements to take into account when choosing this one.

Let's find out right away.

I - Diaper bag: Everything you need to know

Before getting to the heart of the matter and seeing how to choose the right diaper bag, it is important to lay the groundwork to fully understand what we are going to talk about. This is why we will first see the origin of the diaper bag and why it is an essential part of your child's range of accessories.

Diaper bag, what is it

It's no secret that babies need a lot of things. From tissues to baby bottles, there's a lot to manage when caring for a little one, especially when you're away from home.

A diaper bag is the perfect bag for storing everything you need for your baby in one place when you're outdoors. It's the bag to have for carrying nappies and wipes, of course, but also other essentials like clothes, bottles and other creams you might need.

Why a diaper bag

The question to ask is: Do you leave your house without your purse or wallet? Diaper bags are like handbags: they're great for holding everything you need when you leave the house, except this time you're storing things for your baby and a few more for yourself.

Young children need a lot, especially newborns, and you need a convenient place to put all the diapers and other wipes, even on your short trips to the grocery store.

Can I use any bag as a diaper bag?

Many handbags and backpacks can be used as a diaper bag. Some parents choose to use a large bag they already have and simply buy a diaper bag insert organizer so they have more pockets and organization in their bag.

The advantage of a diaper bag is that it has insulated pockets for bottles or an insert to store your portable changing mat. On top of that, it's easy to clean up when spills happen.

II - Elements to take into account when choosing your diaper bag

Now that we've seen everything you need to know about the diaper bag, let's take a look at what to consider when choosing the perfect diaper bag. A practical and functional bag that will help you in your daily life as a young parent.

How your diaper bag looks depends on your taste, but be aware that there are plenty of fashionable diaper bags out there that look nothing like the diaper bags of yesteryear.

The important thing in the end is that it has the right functions. Let's take a closer look.

1. Large capacity

First, you need to consider the capacity of the diaper bag. At first, you can choose a smaller diaper bag to move around, but if it doesn't have space for your baby's essentials, then it's not practical.

Remember that you need to bring lots of things, such as diapers, bottles, extra clothes, blankets, etc.

There are diaper bags of all sizes. Think about what you are going to put in it and then choose accordingly.

Finally, if you are an organized person, choose a model with several pockets, inside and outside. Single pockets for easy access to baby products like wipes, and zipped pockets for storing other accessories, so they don't get mixed up with the rest of their stuff.

2. Great strength

Even if the interior is very spacious, you can hardly fall in love with a thin and fragile diaper bag.

If you have a newborn and you always have to carry it, then it is necessary to buy a diaper bag that is strong enough.

3. Pockets and compartments

As you will be carrying a lot of necessities and baby products with you, it is important to bring a diaper bag, which can help keep everything organized.

As you can see, the best diaper bag will have several pockets and compartments so you can keep everything in its place!

You need at least one insulated pocket for the bottle, one compartment for diapers, another for wipes, and an outside pocket where there is a pacifier for your baby, and another for your personal belongings.

4. Strong, padded shoulder straps

On the go, you may be carrying your diaper bag all day, which means it needs to have a strong strap that won't break.

Try the straps by pulling the bag and testing some heavy objects. It is also important to choose adjustable straps to prevent them from slipping off your arms. Generally, a good diaper bag is equipped with padded straps for your comfort!

5. Waterproof and easy to clean material

Your diaper bag will inevitably be soiled with many stains, from splashes of milk to vomit, passing through urine and stool. It is therefore very important to choose a diaper bag made of waterproof material so that it can be easily washed on the way.

A waterproof, machine-washable diaper bag is perfect. Be aware, however, for practical reasons, that dark colors are easier to clean than light or bright colors.

6. Practicality

What is a practical diaper bag? A practical diaper bag is a bag that does not take up too much space, is easy to adjust and can be taken anywhere.

Preferably take a bag with adjustable handles. You can wear it the way you want: on the shoulder, across the body or even attached to the stroller. And we know how convenient that is.

A practical diaper bag is also a bag that you can wash in the washing machine. It is very likely that your bag will get dirty over time, so you will need to wash it regularly.

Finally, a detail that can also be important: choose a light bag. Don't forget that you will be carrying this bag every day, so choose a bag made of natural materials such as cotton or linen, which are light and resistant.

7. Neutral colors and design

Gone are the days when mom was the only one carrying a diaper bag. Today, dads usually also carry diaper bags.

To avoid buying two or more bags, and to save time transferring baby stuff from one bag to another, why not consider unisex diaper bags? They are very elegant and modern.

Being a parent does not mean letting go, quite the contrary. We know this is a new stage in the life of a young parent. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't be trendy.

So choose a diaper bag that suits you and reflects your personality.

The final word

As you will have understood, over the next few years, your diaper bag will become your best friend.

Indeed, it will accompany you for at least two years, or even more, so it is essential to make the right choice. As you will have to take it everywhere with you, you will have to choose your diaper bag according to your preferences and your lifestyle.

Diaper bag is definitely one of baby's necessities, and you should not give up buying it. When you go out, it will contain everything your baby may need. It is therefore very important to choose it in such a way that it is suitable for many things, without being too heavy to carry.

At Sogaïa, we think of parents first. That's why we thought about a design and criteria that will make life easier for mums and dads.

All you have to do is discover our collection and make the right choice!

Fred P.
December 10, 2021.

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