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Que peut-on emporter dans la cabine de l'avion pour voyager ?

Que peut-on emporter dans la cabine de l'avion pour voyager ? -

What can you take in the cabin of the plane to travel?

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A desire to move and forget the coronavirus?

The freedom to travel again authorized is the time to watch theft for our next vacation.

But on the plane, what can we take in our toiletry bag or vanity ?

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Do you do not want to arrive at the airport control, and have to throw objects or products in the trash that would be forbidden to take with you?

Regarding passenger luggage, airlines have very strict rules imposed by law to be respected.

To help you prepare your suitcase and your toiletry, Here is the regulations to apply for you.

Prepare your trip


What are the liquids authorized in luggage on a plane cabin?

All Your bottles and containers must have a maximum capacity of 100 ml per bottle, and be gathered in a transparent, or a transparent plastic bag, and out of your suitcase to be visible to the controller during the inspection.


List of liquids that can be taken up to 100 ml :

  • Foods or drinks (soups, yogurts, compotes, etc.)

  • Lotions, creams, toothpaste, oils, lacquers ...

  • Perfumes, deodorants ...

  • Shower gels, hair gels, hydroalcoholic gels, shampoo ...

  • Medicines (syrups, fees, gels, etc.)


Can we take more liquid or baby food?

Can we take more liquid or baby food

Yes, provided they are used to be consumed on the plane, for a baby under 2 years old.


Can we take medication on the plane?

Can we take medication on the plane

Regarding medicines, syrups, stamps, capsules, gels, you can leave with more than 100 ml. You also do not have to put them in the bag or the transparent kit, and leave them in your luggage.

We recommend that you take a prescription or a certificate of the doctor with you, for drugs that are prescribing.


Provision for people with reduced mobility

It is possible to travel with your walker. It is generally considered as personal mobility equipment and can be used until boarding and landing of the plane, and then stored in the plane hold.

Be sure to point out upstream of your trip to Benefit from personalized support before, during and after the flight, with a wheelchair available. Some companies ask to do so 48 hours before departure.

It is always recommended to check the specific airline policies before the trip to be sure.


How is it for liquids purchased in the "duty free" of airports?

How is it for liquids purchased in the duty free of airports

These products being located in the area after security control, so they are not subject to the limitation of the 100 ml.

Remember to keep the receipt as proof in the event of verification, or in the event that you would have a flight with correspondence. Because you will have to go back to the security control, and without supporting documents, they could be seized.


What are the objects prohibited in the hold or in the cabin?

Prohibited in the hold or in cabin

Here is the list of products prohibited on an airplane :

  • Firearms and ammunition (even dummy or ball)
  • Cutting, sharp or sharp objects (the hammers also)
  • Flammable or explosive substances.
  • Toxic, chemical, radioactive and gas products.
  • Household products (bleach, descaling, stripper, dishwashing liquid, etc.).
  • Magnetic masses
  • Thermometers because of the mercury.

PS : The security guard can also consider dangerous other specific products or objects, and refuse it on the plane (such as a sewing needle for example)

And now, you can now prepare your luggage serenely and think about escape.

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Have a good trip !


Alexandre C.
March 10, 2023.


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