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Comment transporter ses produits de beauté en avion ?

Comment transporter ses produits de beauté en avion ? -

How to transport your beauty products by plane?

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Are you going on a trip soon? Are you wondering what are the tricks to transport your beauty products on the plane without having them confiscated at the airport?

If you are about to go on a trip abroad and you ask yourself all these questions, read these few lines which, we are sure, will enlighten you.

Traveling with beauty products can be tricky. Between the overflowing beauty bag and strict safety rules, it's essential to do a little planning before you go.

Carrying your make-up and your beauty treatments while traveling will no longer hold any secrets for you. You will know exactly what and how to prepare your toiletries to shine during your vacation.

It's true that regulations can vary by airport and airline, but first let's look at some general rules to consider when it comes to transporting your beauty products on a plane.

What can be carried in the cabin?

Deciding what clothes to pack for a trip can be quite stressful, but you have to add all the beauty products to that. From moisturizers to lipsticks, let's take a look at a little reminder of the rules to follow at the airport regarding liquids.

What makes packing beauty products for flight particularly tricky are all the CSA regulations. (Airport security check)

As a reminder, you are authorized to take with you a container with a maximum volume of 100 millilitres. (these can be divided into several containers, for example 3 small containers of 30ml). All containers must be placed in a transparent resealable plastic bag with a maximum volume of 1 liter per person.

Anything extra you want to take should fit in your suitcase.

Now that we have laid the foundations, let's discover together the 7 tips and tricks from our experts to transport your beauty products by plane with complete peace of mind.

1. Go for minimalism

We think everyone should experiment with minimalism, especially if you travel often.

Applied to makeup and skincare, minimalism has many benefits.

At home, it sparks joy and makes you more aware of your drinking habits. And when traveling, it allows you to avoid checked baggage fees, fit into limited space, and not feel stressed about which beauty products to take with you.

Let's take an example. For women, it's often not the shoes that weigh down a suitcase, but the makeup bag .

Makeup bag

Rather than lugging around yet another bottle, consider face wipes to cleanse you during the day. You are hydrated, without having to carry another bottle of moisturizer.

2. Organize and compartmentalize

First of all, no, you don't need to take everything with you. Whenever possible, opt for travel containers for products like shampoo and perfume and, once you have gathered everything, separate fragile items (glasses, compacts) or likely to leak (foundation, cream moisturizing).

We recommend keeping your similar items together. Do not mix your makeup with your toothbrush, for example, or your moisturizer with your shampoo.

Transparent Travel Vanity

To recap : As we have seen above, any liquid, aerosol or gel must be in a container of 100 millimeters or less and transported in a transparent, resealable bag. We will think in particular of a travel vanity .

And no, you still cannot travel with full size items in your carry-on, even if the product is not full.

And if you don't have a transparent vanity or toiletry bag, you'll find spare transparent bags in the departure areas of most airlines in case you forget yours.

3. Bring your basics

If you're traveling long-haul, it's a good idea to keep some of your basic makeup essentials in your carry-on. Think moisturizer, foundation, mascara, blush, and eyeliner. Not only to refresh yourself after a long stay in a wet plane, but also in case your checked baggage does not arrive at its destination.

Similarly, for those who plan to travel for months or years, remember that women in your destination also use skincare, toiletries and makeup.

Finally, once you've finished the travel-sized products in your vanity, pop into a local pharmacy or beauty supply store to stock up. It is still possible to find basic toiletries abroad, although their brand and packaging may be different from what you are used to at home.

4. Invest in small refillable plastic bottles.

Are you really into products that don't really have a "travel size" version? Make your own. This will make all the difference, both in terms of storage and your happiness when traveling.

Don't be the person who tearfully watches airport security throw away their (expensive!) large liquid products in the trash because they didn't follow the rules for liquids on planes.

Remember what we told you above. Containers of liquids carried in the cabin must not exceed 100 ml. Creams, serums, and aerosols, such as deodorant and face mists, are considered liquids.

How to proceed ? Nothing's easier. Before heading to the airport, decant your liquid products into smaller travel containers, label them, and make sure they fit (yes, all of them) in a clear plastic bag or compliant travel vanity to airport measurements. In addition to lightening your load, reducing the quantity of your liquid products guarantees that you can go through security without any worries.

In fact, for most skin care, a little bit of product is enough. No need to take your entire bottle with you. A small bottle with the amount you need for the duration of your stay is more than enough.

5. Remember to pack your powders

Isolate your powders by placing a clean cotton ball between the product and the lid of the container.

Protect glass vials from spillage and breakage by wrapping them in a cloth.

Finish by placing your makeup bag in the center of your suitcase or backpack, where it will be even more insulated from bumps and crushes.

Powders, such as eye shadow or blusher, can break into pieces if crushed. Protect them by surrounding them with sponges or paper tissues, and do not put them at the bottom of your bag.

6. Double-lock your bottles

Of course, you should also ensure that all caps are tightly screwed on, but for added protection you can also wrap your produce in plastic wrap, paying particular attention to the cap area, before packing.

What if you want to be even more sure? Place tape around the opening of corks or bottle caps.

A little advice from our expert: pay particular attention to products such as foundation or your perfume, which are more likely to stain your clothes.

Trainers are designed to cushion your feet while you run, so they're well equipped to protect really fragile items like perfume or foundation bottles while you travel.

Another little advice from our expert: you don't bring sneakers? Wrap each fragile item in a pair of socks.

7. Opt for a transparent pencil case

Our last tip, but not the least. If you want to carry your beauty products with you, you absolutely need a case or a transparent vanity case.

Clear Vanity

Transparent pencil cases with their zippers are your best friends when packing.

You can separate everything from medicine to cosmetics to travel documents, and they provide a barrier in case makeup products leak - cabin pressure can easily burst tubes and bottles.

Not to mention that these small pouches are essential if you take bottles of liquid on an international flight!

In summary

Traveling with your beauty products in a carry-on takes some planning, but it's possible. Plan ahead and make some compromises.

Stick to the essentials for your hand luggage and what doesn't take up too much space in the rest of your suitcase.

Space is limited, so you won't be able to carry your entire skincare line and any other liquids you might need. For example, you may not have room for shampoo and conditioner. But you can buy them at your destination.

Remember that when travelling, liquids, gels, creams and aerosols can only be carried in your hand luggage if the containers are 30ml or less, and they can all fit in a clear case a maximum of one litre.

Use these tips before you get on the plane and you'll travel in style!

Fred P.
October 24, 2021.

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