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Top 10 des Meilleurs Trousses de Maquillage

Top 10 des Meilleurs Trousses de Maquillage en 2022 -

Top 10 Best Makeup Bags in 2022

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Is your makeup collection taking over your dressing table or bathroom shelf? Tired of lidless eyeshadows and eyeliners wreaking havoc in your purse? Are you looking for a makeup bag but don't know which one to choose?

Don't worry, you've come to the right place.

Makeup bags are one of those things that most of us need but rarely have the perfect example.

They are often either too big for our handbags or too small to hold all our bottles and brushes. And while they do the trick in terms of size, they aren't sturdy enough for travel or too impractical to handle everyday product spills and stains.

That's exactly why we racked our brains to find the perfect makeup bag for almost any occasion. If you're still using your old makeup bag, it might be time to change it.

Here's our pick of the best makeup bags for 2022 .

1. Travel makeup bag

Travel Makeup Bag

One of the most appreciated cosmetic bags by our customers. These rave about its sturdy and protective design, large mesh pocket and dividers that allow for optimal organization.

Flamingo Travel Makeup Bag

Besides, who could resist a make-up bag adorned with adorable pink flamingos? And if you're not a fan of flamingos, you can choose from a dozen other trendy patterns.

Flamingo Travel Makeup Bag

Available in two types of models including one with an extra palette for your brushes, it is the ideal makeup bag to allow you to carry all your essentials.

2. 2-compartment makeup bag

2-compartment makeup bag

Offering a spacious interior with its innovative double-layered design, the Einluo two-compartment makeup bag features two removable dividers to provide a customizable storage experience.

Make-up bag Black with 2 compartments

It is also equipped with a zippered pocket for small items and compartments for your makeup brushes and other brushes.

Make-up case with 2 compartments Black

The little extra? Its soft padded nylon design that accentuates the chic side and its handle that offers more comfort when carrying your makeup bag.

3. Soft makeup bag

Soft makeup bag

If you're looking for a sleek yet organized solution for your cosmetics, this makeup bag is for you. With its myriad of compartments and dedicated brush organizer, it's no surprise that our Baginbag design is so popular among makeup artists and beauty influencers.

White soft make-up bag

Made from polyurethane, it's very easy to wipe clean, and it will stand up to constant use and travel. Its biggest advantage is that it can hold all your color palettes and creams, while still being easy to carry or store in another bag.

4. Rigid Makeup Pouch

Rigid makeup pouch

If you're looking for a makeup bag that will last for years and look great on your dressing table or when it's taken out of your purse, this is the one.

In the shape of a pouch, it is perfect for your essential makeup accessories. Ideal for small touch-ups without having to take all your makeup essentials with you.

This flat makeup bag is popular with makeup junkies and is especially useful when traveling when you want to spread out everything you have in front of you to get ready, but still keep everything neatly stored in one place.

Rigid make-up pouch Rose

It opens flat and therefore offers a large compartment, which is ideal for getting your hands on your products in the blink of an eye. Elastic pockets keep everything in place, and allow you to store small items. Very useful for not losing your tweezers or separating your beauty products.

The rigid makeup pouch comes in a variety of colors and prints, each as trendy as the next. It's a makeup bag that you will love or that will also make a great gift!

5. Convenient toiletry bag for women

Practical toiletry bag for women

The JC Banana toiletry bag is ready to follow you wherever the road takes you. Whether you're going away for the weekend or tackling a long stay, it's ideal for taking your favorite products with you.

This toiletry bag is packed with features that make it truly authentic. Rolled up on itself, it looks like a small bag, keeping your things tight for easy storage and transport.

Once deployed, there are endless configurations that allow you to keep all your toiletries organized and easy to use, even when you're in the middle of nowhere.

Practical toiletry bag for women Green

Don't worry, no assembly problems. Thanks to its double rope fastening system, the JC Banana toiletry bag can be hung on almost anything.

Practical toiletry bag for women Black

With its 4 usable storage compartments, and its double velcro fastener, it is perfect for day trips, to take only the bare minimum with you!

No more searching for the perfect place to store your loose items. Its innovative design allows you to conveniently store all your necessities and separate your products. A godsend for small touch-ups on the go.

6. Makeup pouch

Make-up pouch

Not only do we love the Parisian and Italian feel and inspiration of this makeup pouch, but it features a spacious compartment, so you can organize your products however you like. Top zip opening lets you grab your makeup for quick touch-ups because you don't have to fumble around to find what you need.

If you are looking for a small cosmetic case for your purse or for on the go, this makeup pouch will do just fine.

Elegant, practical and easy to clean because it is waterproof, it will surprise you with the amount of products it can hold given its size.

7. Sogaïa personalized kit

Sogaïa personalized kit

Perfect for storing cosmetics on the go, the Sogaïa personalized case is available in white with the advantage of being able to personalize it with the image of your choice to match your unique style. Multifunctional by design, this high-end cosmetic bag offers ample space for products of varying sizes thanks to its removable compartments. It also makes an excellent travel case for your jewelery thanks to its many pockets.

Personalized toiletry bag

This large makeup bag is deep and wide enough to accommodate your favorite beauty products, as well as your other accessories and tools. Padded with foam on the sides for more safety, the Sogaïa cosmetic case is also available in a toiletry bag and vanity case if you are looking for something more suitable.

8. Professional Makeup Bag

Professional makeup bag

Perhaps one of the most eye-catching makeup bags on the market! You don't need to be a professional to use it either, since it comes in 4 different sizes.

Small Professional Makeup Bag

With the amount of product it can hold and its convenience, you can't go wrong, this is the makeup bag for you.

Especially if you rotate cosmetics a lot and need to put small items in different bags or places.

Inside, a multitude of removable compartments, to create your necessities according to your desires. In the upper part, pockets with elastics to keep all your brushes in one place.

Large Professional Makeup Bag

What do we love about this professional makeup bag? Its suitcase side which makes it easy to take it on all trips and its strap to carry it over the shoulder and have your hands free. A real plus when you're traveling.

9. Small makeup case

small makeup case

A small wonder that is regularly praised for its beauty and clever internal organization. It comes in three different colors, from practical black to navy blue and classic brown, and its golden zip closure gives it real panache. Its embossed lining on the front gives it an ultra chic side that really makes the difference.

Small brown make-up case

It has modular compartments, including one with elastic holders for brushes and beauty tools, or which would be fabulous for jewelry.

Small make-up case Black

Admittedly, this little makeup case is not the most voluminous, but you will be amazed by the space it provides thanks to its internal organization. It is perfect for everyday use or for the weekends.

10. Leopard Toiletry Bag

Transparent Leopard Toiletry Bag

You can love or hate the iconic leopard print, but there's no denying that this leopard wash bag will brighten up any vanity or bathroom ledge.

You can put all your essential cosmetic products in this transparent case for border control at airports, during daily excursions or further afield by plane, then separate them into the small cases, once you arrive at your destination. .

This compact toiletry bag will easily carry your daily beauty products and cosmetics in an elegant and playful style.

Made of a durable material and featuring a zipper, its lightweight, foldable and flexible design will slip easily into any bag. The advantage of this leopard toiletry bag? It contains two kits in its interior. Great if you have little space in your purse.

If you like animal prints, you'll love it!

Choose your makeup bag

Let's face it: keeping track of your beauty products can be a real headache. Once you've accumulated your favorite makeup and skincare products, you need a great makeup bag to keep them all together or risk getting scattered and lost.

From large makeup bags with tons of compartments, to small pouches for on the go, to clear pouches to see exactly what you have, or designs for easy cleaning, there are tons of bags out there. Practical (and chic!) make-up drawers to store your precious supply of beauty products.

With this selection of the best makeup bags 2022, we are sure that you will find the ideal model to store your products at home, in your handbag and during your travels.

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October 08, 2021.

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