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Top 10 des Meilleurs Vanity

Top 10 des meilleurs Vanity en 2022 -

Top 10 Best Vanities in 2022

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Do you want to buy a vanity ? You don't know which vanity to choose among all the models you've seen? Do you want to be sure that your vanity exactly matches your needs?

We are passionate about this subject and know exactly how to respond to you.

Choosing a quality vanity not only allows you to store all your beauty products together, but also protects your favorite products and keeps them safe from damage, leaks or spills.

Whether you are looking for a compact vanity or a travel vanity with several compartments and pockets to keep your products organized, we have selected the Top 10 of the best vanities on the market.

Check them out right away, and to find out more about the one you love:

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1 - Women's Vanity

Women's Vanity KreyKrey

This hyper-organized vanity is one of our bestsellers. It's easy to see why it's so popular: in addition to offering ample storage space, the vanity has a compartment at the opening that allows you to organize all your most delicate products.

Vanity KreyKrey

Its hard exterior protects your makeup, perfumes and other beauty products. The divider allows for multiple uses, like organizing your brushes and other smaller products.

It's big enough to hold your makeup palettes and has a built-in mirror. It is very resistant, its square shape makes it very compact and its handle makes it easy to carry.

2 - Soft vanity case

Soft Vanity Case

Do you prefer your belongings to have a unique style? This adorable vanity is large enough to hold all your toiletries, beauty products and cosmetics.

Do not be fooled by its size, with such a space it may seem bulky, but it is not. Inside a large compartment with divider to organize all your necessities. In the upper part, a brush holder and a zipped pocket for your most delicate products.

The little extra for this soft vanity case, its world map model which will add a touch of adventure to your luggage. This is the ideal vanity case for frequent travellers!

3 - Family Vanity

Lokase Family Vanity

Are you looking for a vanity to easily transport the toiletries of the whole family? Or maybe you need a vanity to help organize your massive makeup collection? The Lokase family vanity is an option to consider.

In addition to its 2 compartments to hold your different products, this spacious vanity offers several side pockets that allow you to organize and separate products that don't go together. We will think in particular of a first aid kit or anything that is pliers, nail clippers, etc.

Made of sturdy nylon, it has the particularity of being waterproof on the inside. No more cosmetics or other creams that run and completely wet your vanity. Finally, for transport, it has a sturdy handle and a strap if you decide to carry it over the shoulder. Ideal for having your hands free during your trip!

4 - Vanity case suitcase

Vanity Case Suitcase

With its large main compartment, this vanity case is the perfect product for not being separated from your products during your vacation.

Inside, nothing could be simpler, a spacious main compartment that will allow you to carry all your toiletries and your make-up. If you need to separate objects such as a toothbrush or your brushes, you will find a pocket that occupies the width of this vanity suitcase.

We must admit that at the organizational level, we are on a relatively simple model but which is largely compensated by the design of this vanity. Indeed, it is very resistant and you can be sure that your products will be well guarded.

Due to its large size, this suitcase vanity case is ideal for multi-day trips and extended vacations!

5 - Vanity toiletry bag

Vanity Toiletry Bag

Are you looking for a vanity as pretty and original as the make-up and toiletries you store in it? Opt for this semi-transparent design option!

This vanity has a spacious main compartment, lined with PVC plastic for easy cleaning, as well as an exterior zipped pocket. Best of all, this cute vanity case is available in some of the trendiest prints and patterns on the market.

Ultra-practical, it has elastic support straps inside to hold your brushes, toothbrush and other product or to prevent it from coming into contact.

You will understand, it is the ideal vanity toiletry bag to keep your makeup essentials, whether at home, in your handbag, your gym bag or your car.

6 - Large flexible vanity

This vanity has a very practical advantage: a strap that allows you to hang it on a towel rack, a door or take it wherever you go, leaving your hands free.

It is fully lined and made of water resistant material to prevent leaks. The best ? It comes in 5 different colors, all equally adorable.

This is the style of vanity that gym lovers particularly like. Why will you ask? For its very practical side. It's big enough to hold everything you need while not taking up too much space in your gym bag.

In the front, a large pocket in which you can keep everything from toothbrushes to makeup brushes. The vanity itself: A large compartment in which you can put everything and which will help you get organized!

7 - Rigid vanity case for little girl

Vanity Girl

Your daughter will never have to rummage through her belongings to find what she needs again!

Thanks to its two front zips, the vanity opens on top to offer a large compartment where your child can keep all their belongings.

The advantage of such a “classic” opening is to be able to easily access all of its toiletries and make-up products.

You will surely ask us for its little extra? And its mirror integrated in the upper part to put on makeup when she wants and where she wants.

When she's done, she just has to close the vanity to store all her items safely. High-end finish, chrome handle for an ultra-trendy “girly” style, your daughter will love it!

8 - Vanity with compartment

Vanity with Compartment

If you are looking for a nice vanity with a practical top handle, and two spacious compartments for ease of use, opt for this trendy model.

Along with its pockets at the top that fit a variety of different sized brushes, your toothbrush or even your hairbrush, it also has a waterproof liner to protect anything inside. inside.

Of course, there are no partitions in this vanity, but the spaciousness of its two compartments helps you store everything and have everything to hand in the blink of an eye!

In addition to its high quality zippers that allow you to open it and have access to your products instantly, you will fall for its polka dot pattern.

Who says classic vanity can't be super trendy?

9 - Clear Vanity

Clear Vanity

Are you looking for a vanity that will help you get through airport checks in the blink of an eye? It is this adorable transparent vanity option that our customers recommend without hesitation!

Its compact size and transparent material meet all airport security requirements, allowing you to take your favorite liquid products on the go. Perfect for your travel lotions and creams, it's easy to clean up in case of spills!

Although it's easy to fold up and store once your products are out, don't let the size fool you. It allows you to hold several bottles and cream jars of different sizes.

But that's not all ! Available in two models, small and large, it is sold with its 3 cases inside (two for the standard model). And yes, you read correctly!

Choosing this transparent vanity means choosing an original, design and practical model that everyone must have in their collection.

10 - Large Rigid Vanity

Large Rigid Vanity

Ideal for organizing your toiletries, this large rigid vanity combines practicality and elegance, with its easy opening, interior pocket and sophisticated finish.

Upon opening, two compartments are available for easy storage and good visual organization. The little extra: its fitted lining offering more space.

At the top, you will appreciate its elastic straps which allow you to carefully store your brushes and other make-up accessories.

Compliant with airline standards for hand luggage, it has a comfortable and resistant handle allowing you great freedom of movement.

As for the design, a very resistant rigid material to protect it from bumps and scratches thanks to its solid shell. You will also note that it has internal reinforcements to protect your personal effects from possible shocks.

Robust, this large rigid vanity is perfectly suited to take your products safely wherever you go!

And you, which of all these models did you prefer?

Let's be realistic. You can't go on a trip without a vanity that's up to snuff.

Likewise, if you have a makeup collection, why cram all your beautiful eyeshadow palettes and favorite brushes into any boring old bag?

We agree, your precious products deserve to be placed in something special.

It is in this spirit that we have selected for you this Top 10 of the best vanities . Unique models, practical and available for all budgets.

Find the perfect vanity among our selection and don't hesitate to share with us in the comments which one you loved.

Fred P.
January 25, 2022.

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