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Quoi apporter pour un voyage en sac à dos ?

Quoi apporter pour un voyage en sac à dos ? -

What to bring for a backpacking trip?

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Are you planning your next vacation and have chosen to travel light? Do you want to travel with a backpack and are you wondering what are the essential elements that every backpacker must bring with him?

Rest assured. This question everyone is asking. Whether you are going for the first time or you are a seasoned backpacker.

That's why our team of travel experts dug deep into the subject and came up with a list of 10 must-haves to bring with you on a backpacking trip.

There are of course as many ways to travel as there are types of travellers, but if you choose to do it with a backpack, the rule of thumb is that you should only take what you need.

Let's discover without further delay the 10 essential things to remember on your next backpacking trip.

I - TOP 10 things to bring on a backpacking trip

TOP 10 things to pack on a backpacking trip

1. An external battery.

Let's be honest, these days (almost) none of us leave home without our mobile phone.

And even less if we go on a trip, because it will serve as a telephone (and yes, laptops are still useful for making calls), a camera, a notebook to take notes, or even a GPS.

For this reason, and since it is not always easy to find a place to recharge it and we do not want to be left behind when we really need it, the best thing to do is to carry an external battery which allows you to recharge your mobile phone several times.

2. A sleeping kit.

If you go backpacking, you will obviously be sleeping in hostels or other places that promote crowding and nighttime snoring. That's why your backpack should contain a sleeping kit with at least a pair of earplugs and a sleep mask.

If you have long plane or train journeys ahead of you, don't forget an inflatable pillow, it will take up very little space. You can also opt for the U-shaped travel cushion which is worn around the neck, it is very practical.

3. A plastic pocket for your documents.

Who would like to find themselves in the middle of nowhere, without a waterproof backpack or a plastic bag and end up with their passport or the super soaked postcard you drew? Nobody, right?

That's why it's very convenient to put everything on paper in a plastic sleeve.

4. A toiletry bag or first aid kit

It is surely the most essential item for any type of trip.

Well, yes, it's a must in any self-respecting backpack or suitcase (even if you're going away for the weekend). Add to that wipes, in case you might have to go a day or two without showering and you're done.

Now, if you need more advice, you can discover in our dedicated article how to prepare your toiletry bag .

Another useful thing is to have a toiletry bag with a hook so that you can hang it wherever you end up taking a shower.

5. A neutral soap bar

A bar of soap will help you keep your clothes clean as often as needed (especially your underwear!) because remember, you should only pack essential items in your backpack.

6. A universal charger

If your idea is to travel to different countries, a universal charger will be an essential element to put in your suitcase so as not to run out of battery for your electronic devices.

7. A mini sewing kit

So yes, it's certainly not the first thing you think of when you go on a backpacking trip.

And yet, it's the kind of object that can get you out of a difficult situation on the go.

Nothing better to repair a bag or a holed garment than thread and a needle!

8. Water purification tablets or a filter bottle

When you step out of your comfort zone, drinking water isn't always as simple as turning on the tap and waiting for it to come out or going to a bar and asking for a bottle.

Sometimes you're in the middle of nowhere and the water you have on hand doesn't even know if it's going to lead you headlong to the hospital. That's why it's good to carry a box of water purification tablets, which not only take up little space, but are also very useful.

Finally, and if you have space, you can bring a filter bottle that makes all water drinkable. Whether it's stream, lake or puddle water, or just plain tap water.

In many countries, tap water is not drinkable. You save money and you are environmentally friendly.

9. A headlamp

Say in the middle of the night you have to go to a bathroom where the only light you'll see will be the moon and stars streaming through the window, how do you think you'll get out of that?

With a headlamp, indeed. Because if you're thinking of doing it with a torch, the task might be a little trickier.

10. A roll of toilet paper.

In line with what we said previously, we cannot expect to find conditions like those we have in our country or at home, and even less if we go backpacking.

An example is toilet paper. It costs you nothing to put a roll (or two) in your backpack, just in case. Besides being lightweight and space-saving, it can be a lifesaver in many situations.

II - Things to avoid when traveling with a backpack

If you've been backpacking long enough, chances are you've been on trips where you brought things you didn't need.

Although the essentials do not change from trip to trip, you will need to refine your personal list of essential equipment, food and clothing, but also start to take into account the things you will not need. .

How to proceed ? When putting away your gear after a trip, take inventory of things you haven't used, then plan to leave them at home next time. To help you in the exercise, here are some tips to put into practice during your next stay.

Avoid a massive backpack

While it can be fun to buy a giant bag, so big you can fit in it, massive bags aren't always necessary.

For weekend trips, 30-50 liter packs are perfect, and if you're going for three or four days, 50-75 liter packs should be more than enough.

Consider a bag of 75 liters and more if you are going on an extended trip (5 nights and more), if you are carrying things for young children or if you are going in the winter.

Avoid packing too many things

When it's our first backpacking trip, we decide, often wrongly, that we need clean pants, a sweater and a t-shirt for each of the days we plan to be outside. .

Not only does this choice add a ton of unnecessary weight to your bag, it also adds bulk to a bag that was already too full!

Prefer to bring enough clean underwear and socks for each day, no need to burden yourself with too many clothes. Think about what you're really going to wear and don't pack more than that.

It is the same with objects. Let's take an example. While it's good to think about and prepare for what would happen if your stove doesn't work, for example, that doesn't mean you need to pack two. This also applies to medicines and toiletries.

Don't add extra weight to your bag unnecessarily.

Do not bring valuables

Things like jewelry are never much use on a backpacking trip. Especially if you are going on a hike. When you're in the woods, it's easy to drop, forget, or misplace items while you're on the move.

Don't take valuable, irreplaceable items unless you have to take a gift with you, but that's another story.

One last tip for the road

Apart from the list that we have shared with you, since it is something different from the rest of the articles, we include the currency of the country in which you are traveling, since without it you will not be able to move. It seems obvious, but it is always good to remember it.

Remember that this list of items to bring in your backpack is here to guide you and help you when preparing for your trip.

Obviously, each person will have certain items as essential to put in their backpack.

And you, what would you add to this list? Feel free to leave us your tips in the comments.

Fred P.
January 29, 2022.

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