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Qu'est ce qu'un vanity case?

Qu'est ce qu'un vanity case? -

What is a vanity case?

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Are you looking for a vanity case but don't know which one to choose? Wondering what a vanity case is for and how to be sure to choose the one that best suits your needs?

Good news. Our team has covered the subject in depth and knows exactly how to help you.

The vanity case is the favorite product of many women. Available in various designs, colors and shapes, these bags are ideal for storing toiletries, cosmetics and makeup items.

In this article, we will see together:

  • Everything you need to know about the vanity case
  • The advantages of the vanity case
  • How to choose a vanity case

Knowing what a vanity case is and how to use it will have no more secrets for you. You will know exactly how to choose one according to your needs.

Let's find out right away.

I - What is a vanity case?

Vanity Case Vintage

  • 1. Origin of the vanity case

Vanity cases may be seen as typically feminine accessories but, in Britain at least, they were originally designed for men and came into fashion towards the end of the 18th century.

The vanity case was at the time a finely crafted box, made in luxury materials and finishes, with compartments for toiletries such as cologne, shaving foam, combs and grooming tools. manicure.

In France, it was called the “Nécessaire de Voyage” (sometimes simply called “Nécessaire”), which, as its name suggests, was used to take with you the products necessary for daily grooming and care. .

These practical yet highly decorative suitcases were intended for royalty and nobility, and their design became increasingly extravagant as travel needs evolved. In particular, we have seen the appearance of more complex compartments to transport anything and everything; from cutlery to stationery to sewing supplies.

  • 2. What is a vanity case used for?

A vanity case is basically a small suitcase that completes your range of luggage. This compact case is ideal for keeping all essential beauty products in one place, where they are protected and safe.

No more putting everything in a plastic bag, with the risk of leaks and spills on your clothes. These large format toiletry bags allow you to store, organize and clean everything. Not only are they very functional, but they also look great and are the perfect addition for travel.

You can easily take your favorite beauty and makeup products wherever you go without much hassle.

If you're someone who likes their stuff organized, you'll love the vanity case for its functionality. In the same way, if you have a habit of throwing your things in a bag and finding them later, you will love it too.

  • 3. Difference between vanity case and toiletry bag

Toiletry bags and cosmetic bags may appear to be the same thing to the untrained eye.

However, there is a difference between the two and once you know what it is, you can never confuse them again. So what do you think this difference is?

Well it is in the use you will make of each. Indeed, a toiletry bag is used to carry products for your daily toilet, such as shampoos, toothbrushes and other shower gel. The vanity case, by its size, allows you to take your beauty products but also your make-up and other care products.

II - Advantages of the vanity case?

Vanity Makeup

Designed to keep your products safe and easy to store, the vanity case has many advantages. We're sure after that most of you will need at least one of these little cases to keep your products organized and in good condition.

Let's take a closer look.

  • 1. Vanity case portability and convenience

Portability and convenience are the best advantages of the vanity case. They are portable and can be used to carry your makeup supplies, cosmetics or toiletries safely when you are on the go.

They are also designed to conveniently store your products. Depending on the vanity design you are using, section dividers inside the case are used for storing different products. You'll usually find separate pockets so you don't have to mix and match certain products, but with the convenience of having all your items stored in one place.

  • 2. Store your small items in a vanity case

The small size vanity case can be easily used to hold small items. Indeed, it is the ideal place to keep important small objects that are easily lost.

You can store your earrings, hair ties, rings, and lipsticks separately from your main makeup bag in smaller pouches. Not only will your products be better organized, but your vanity case will also look cleaner.

  • 3. First aid vanity case

The vanity case makes an excellent first aid kit.

If you have a lot of medicine, first aid supplies and the like, you can turn your vanity case into a special-purpose kit and keep it on your desk at work, in the car or just at home.

For example, you can develop a small first aid kit containing bandages, a box of tissues, painkillers or other aspirin and wipes, perfect to take on a trip in case of small care problems. Once your vanity case has been prepared, its contents are well protected from any external factor and will allow you to be or travel serene.

So yes, we are aware of it, this is not the primary purpose of a vanity case, however the storage space and the sections offered by the vanity case make it the perfect object for a first aid kit.

  • 4. The vanity case is trendy and stylish

If you've ever seen a vanity case, you'll agree that they are an attractive and stylish option for storing your toiletries and beauty essentials.

And if you're not yet the proud owner of a vanity case, how do you keep your expensive makeup organized and not scattered everywhere?

By purchasing a chic vanity case, you can ensure that your cosmetics and makeup are kept safe and organized so that you can always find your products when needed.

And the best part of it all? The vanity case is ultra trendy. We see it everywhere. No more bags where all the products get mixed up, where it is impossible to quickly find the product you need.

Today fashion is for organization, storage and luxury in terms of care and beauty. Impossible to miss.

As you will have understood, the vanity case has become the ally of any modern woman who takes care of herself and her appearance.

III - How to choose a vanity case

Soft Vanity Case

  • 1. The flexible vanity case

If you want to favor lightness without leaving aside comfort and practicality, then the soft vanity case seems the best option!

Easy to transport and store in a bag or suitcase, it is the vanity case that we use in everyday life or for short trips.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a vanity case for a long stay or for a more “rough” use, the soft vanity case will not do the trick. You risk finding your products crushed or badly damaged, the material of the vanity does not allow too much protection of your necessary.

  • 2. The rigid vanity case

Now, if what you are looking for is security, the rigid vanity case is made for you!

Robust, non-deformable, it is perfect for long stays or air travel.

In addition, most rigid vanities include a lock to be able to lock it, which considerably increases the level of security for your products.

  • 3. What use for her vanity case

As you will have understood throughout this article, the vanity case is essential to be well organized.

In addition to choosing which type of vanity case to choose, you must ask what use you want to give it.

Are you looking for a vanity case for personal or professional use? Specifically, are you looking for a vanity case to organize your makeup products, brushes and color palettes or are you looking for something comfortable just for your beauty products that is easy to carry, trendy and durable?

This is a criterion to take into consideration when choosing your vanity case. Remember that there are a large number of more or less complex models that will be suitable for personal or professional use. (number of sections, pockets, etc.)

To make it clearer, let's take an example. It is obvious that a vanity case for a professional makeup artist would not suit you if you are just looking for a vanity case to go on vacation.

IV - Where to buy a vanity case?

Rigid Travel Vanity Case

As seen above, the best way to choose a suitable vanity case is to determine what your storage and accessibility needs are and choose a vanity case that meets your requirements.

If, for example, you only have a limited collection of cosmetics and you don't use them often, a small single-compartment vanity may be ideal. On the other hand, if you have a wide variety of makeup products and change your look frequently, then you will need a case that offers better organization and easy access.

The more robust vanity case is recommended for frequent travelers, while a small vanity case or a soft vanity case may be the best choice if you travel regularly with only one or two products.

To sum up, the vanity case comes in a wide range of styles, colors and designs, but its function remains the same: to give a woman efficient and convenient access to her beauty products while minimizing spills, hassles and general frustration.

That is why, by examining the characteristics of the different vanity cases and comparing them with your anticipated needs, we have selected a wide range of vanity cases for you.

Discover yours by clicking on the image below.

Collection of Vanity Cases

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