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Comment choisir sa trousse de toilette?

Comment choisir sa trousse de toilette? -

How to choose your toiletry bag?

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Choose your toiletry bag

A toiletry bag is one of the must-have items that any traveler should carry when traveling. But how to choose the right one? How can you be sure to choose the toiletry bag that meets your needs?

That's good, we've answered this question and know exactly how to choose a toiletry bag.

There are many toiletry bags. To know how to choose the right one, you have to take into account several characteristics such as the size, the design or the material of the toilet bag.

In this article, we are going to answer the questions that you have surely asked yourself while you were looking for the perfect model for your holidays.

Choosing a toiletry bag that meets your requirements will be child's play and you will know perfectly well what criteria to take into account before buying yours.

Let's see that right away.

I - Why use a toiletry bag?

Using a toiletry bag is a practical necessity. It provides a functional way to take your toiletries in one place while on the go or on a trip.

Using a toiletry bag can help you save time choosing your favorite shampoo or cream without having to search for hours in your suitcase.

If you don't have a good toiletry bag to store your shaving supplies, everyday toiletries, or cosmetics, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Let us explain to you.

A spacious, yet sufficiently compact toiletry bag helps you store your toiletries in one place, but also prevents your belongings from getting scattered and mixed up with the rest of your luggage.

As you will have understood, a toiletry bag is essential when you decide to pack your bags for an upcoming trip, whether it is short term or not.

Now let's take a look at the factors you need to consider when choosing a toiletry bag .

II - The size of the toilet bag

In principle, travelers always think that a small toiletry bag is perfect for on the go. However, this concept does not always work well. Indeed, depending on the length of your stay or whether you are traveling as a family, the toiletry bag may not be able to carry all the things you need.

Therefore, you should choose a toiletry bag that is the right size for the number of days you spend traveling or the number of people accompanying you. (especially if you are traveling with your children)

Also, depending on the number and type of toiletries you carry, you will have to choose from several sizes.

1- The family toilet bag

Family Vanity

It allows you to consolidate your family's toiletries in one place.

The advantage is that your family can travel without having to carry too many toiletry bags.

The downside, of course, is that if she gets lost, everyone loses their toiletries. We still wanted to reassure you, this only happens very rarely.

Its dimensions are generally between 30x15cm or 25x15cm for a standard size. There are of course larger “ suitcase ” type models.

A typical family toiletry bag has at least 5 compartments accompanied by pockets designed to accommodate a variety of bottles, tubes or flasks from all family members.

2- The simple toiletry bag

Simple Toiletry Bag

This is the classic toiletry bag for those who plan to travel alone and just want to pack the basics. You can choose between a simple toiletry bag (with one compartment) or a multi-pocket toiletry bag, as long as it has enough space to store your hygiene products.

Men's Travel Toiletry Bag

A little trick to packing your favorite products without bringing large bottles is to use travel size bottles. They will allow you to save space in your toiletry bag.

III - The material of the toilet bag

Just like the size criterion, the material is also an important point to consider when choosing a toiletry bag.

We recommend that you choose a toiletry bag whose materials have the following characteristics: durable, waterproof and easy to clean.

Some of these materials could be plastic, water resistant fabric, leather, and canvas. However, nothing is perfect, each of them has advantages and disadvantages, so it's up to you.

To help you, we have given you a brief summary of the characteristics of each.

1- Plastic toilet bag

Women's Plastic Toiletry Bag

A plastic toiletry bag is easy to clean, water resistant and transparent. It is perfect for traveling abroad. However, it fades easily if you carry it under the sun. In other words, you have to be careful not to expose it too much to UV rays to prevent it from turning yellow.

Plastic Toiletry Bag

Plastic is one of the materials most often used for toiletry bags, as it is transparent, it allows easy control at the airport.

2- Waterproof toiletry bag

Waterproof toiletry bag

The most popular material for a toiletry bag! It's durable, waterproof, with countless colors and styles to choose from. Some even have cool designs that give the bag a more modern look.

Be careful, however, not to overdo it with water and sun exposure. The combination of the two risks drying out your pencil case and it may tear or crack with age.

3- The leather toilet bag

Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag

If you're looking for high-end style, you can't go wrong with leather.

The leather toiletry bag is very durable, easy to clean and very trendy.

However, it can be damaged if it gets wet. More than a classic toilet bag, you will need to take care of it. We give you all the details for cleaning your toiletry bag in this article .

4- Fabric toiletry bag

This material is probably considered the most famous among other materials for making toiletry bags, as it is sold everywhere, in all styles and colors.

However, we recommend that you keep the fabric toiletry bag away from liquids or at least try as much as possible not to spill any liquid inside at the risk of completely wetting your kit and your products.

IV - The design of the toilet bag

There are countless choices of toiletry bag styles that you could consider. These designs are determined by the number of pockets, compartments or the design of the toiletry bag itself.

We can thus easily divide the toiletry bag into three main categories in terms of organizational capacity. Each of them responding to different objectives and types of products.

1- Multi-pocket toiletry bag

Vanity Multipocket

If you are planning a trip with a lot of small things, you should choose a toiletry bag that has different pockets. This type of toiletry bag can help you store bottles, tubes, small beauty accessories, etc.

Of course, there are kits in different sizes and shapes that you can choose from depending on your needs and organization.

2- Classic toiletry bag with 1 compartment

Vanity Toilet

The single compartment toiletry bag is a simple bag, which, when you open it, offers a large compartment without separation. It's the perfect model if you tend to carry lots of bulky items that won't fit in the smaller compartments, like tall shampoo bottles.

Because it's designed with one large main compartment, it's very space-saving in a backpack or suitcase. In addition, this type of toiletry bag is compact, which makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.

3- The hanging toiletry bag (rollable toiletry bag)

Hanging Toiletry Bag for Women

If you tend to carry lots of toiletries of all sizes, hanging toiletry bags are perfect for organizing a wide variety of items. They can even be used at home if you have a small bathroom.

Hanging Toiletry Bag 3 Compartments

It usually has several pockets for several items, however, it is quite compact since it can be rolled up in a unique shape, which will save you space when you put it in a luggage or a backpack.

The great advantage of this model, as we have seen a little above, is that it has a hook, which allows you to easily hang it in a bathroom or elsewhere.

V - Toiletry bag and plane

Clear Airplane Toiletry Bag

Is your toiletry bag accepted at the airport?

If you did not know, the DTA (Direction du Transport Aérien) is responsible for the supervision of airlines, airports, security, passenger rights, etc. (the list is long)

In other words, it is an organization responsible for checking whether or not what you bring is authorized on the plane.

So, why not get a DTA-approved toiletry bag that meets current standards?

The biggest advantage of a toiletry bag that is up to standard and that you can prepare it in the greatest calm without worrying about the fact that it does not "pass" the security checks.

VI - Ease of cleaning

Last factor to consider when choosing your toiletry bag: Is it easy to clean?

Naturally, you're going to do your best to make sure everything is packed carefully. Unfortunately, when traveling, the likelihood of things getting knocked over sometimes cannot be avoided.

The toiletry bag with a waterproof liner and backing is not only easy to clean, but also dries quite quickly. For the others, we will think in particular of a leather toilet bag, we agree that cleaning is a little more delicate. Understand by this that it does not go into the machine.

Take this criterion into account when choosing your toiletry bag. Are you more about beauty, design and resistance or do you prefer ease?

VII - Choose your toiletry bag

As you have seen, to find a toiletry bag that suits you, you must take into account certain criteria.

With all the advice we have given you, you know exactly how to choose your toiletry bag and which model is the most suitable for your needs.

At Sogaïa, we are aware that it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect toiletry bag among the number of models available on the market, which is why we have selected a collection of the best toiletry bags for you.

Discover it right away by clicking on the image below.

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