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About us...

Welcome to the Sogaïa, your destination of choice for toiletry bags and vanity caseselegant and functional. We are proud to offer you a wide, varied and innovative range of products to meet all your travel and storage needs.

Whether you're looking for a make-up vanity or make-up case, for your cosmetics and make-up productsor a toiletry bag or vanity for your hygiene products we've got just what you need.

Our different collections of toiletry bags, vanity cases, make-up bags and make-up vanity cases are designed to be practical and adapted to your different needsfor a comfortable use. The varied designs of and vanity cases are designed to suit all your personal tastes and styles..

We offer a complete range of toiletry bags for womenfrom compact models for everyday use, to spacious toiletry bags for long trips. Our toiletry bags for men are designed to meet the storage needs of grooming and shaving products. We also have a range of toiletry bags for girlswith fun, colorful designs.

If you're looking for a leather toiletry bag our collection is for you. We offer a variety of designs and colors to suit all tastes and personal styles. Our leather toiletry bags are made from genuine leather to guarantee long life and comfortable use.

If you're looking for a personalized toiletry bagwe've got you covered. We offer customization options to add a personal touch to your toiletry or make-up bag, with different designs and patterns.

Our hanging toiletry bags are practical for travel, with a strap or hook for easy attachment to a door or bathroom hook. Our transparent toiletry bags are ideal for air travel and baggage screening, and comply with airline safety regulations.

Our vanity range is one of our strengths at Sogaïa. We offer a wide selection of vanities for men and womenin a variety of sizes and styles.

Whether you're looking for a rigid vanity to protect your beauty products travel vanity for a weekend away, a make-up vanity or a large make-up case for your cosmetics collection, we have everything you need. We also have vanity cases for girls with adorable designs and playful motifs that are sure to please.

We offer a wide range of sizes and designs to suit all personal tastes and styles, and all beauty and make-up storage needs.

We work with many of the world's leading manufacturers of toiletry bags and vanity cases, to offer you the widest choice in one place, your Sogaïa boutique

You also benefit from money-back guarantee for up to 30 daysfrom the day we receive your order, to guarantee your 100% satisfaction. 

In short, if you're looking for a practical, aesthetically pleasing case or vanity with a wide selection of products for women and men, Sogaïa is the perfect choice. With a wide range of options such as personalization, rigid or flexible, transparent, foldable or hanging models, there's something for every taste and occasion.

Feel free to browse the Sogaïa product range now for find your ideal vanity case or toiletry bag!

Sogaïa, partner of Dignité International

"Dignité International is an NGO working to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged populations around the world. Sogaïa contributes to its actions by donating €1 from each sale made in the boutique. This sum is used to finance the creation of wells or other actions in Africa or Asia. Every year in January, Sogaïa publishes an article to thank its customers and show them the value of their donation by presenting photos of the actions carried out thanks to their support.

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The widest choice of Vanity

For women who wear make-up frequently, for frequent travelers, for those who are beauty professionals, or simply to keep your toiletries in one place, having a vanity case is essential.

We'd even go so far as to say choosing the right vanity case is essential: It'll go everywhere with you, so you need a piece that meets your needs and lasts. 

These special cases are perfect for keeping all your beauty products and instruments organized and in perfect condition. With this little case, you can keep all your products in one place, organized in different compartments, to avoid losing or breaking any of them. 

Our vanity case includes several compartments for your beauty products and accessories. It's available in different materials, designs and sizes to suit every taste and need. 

It's a excellent product for storing your make-up products and tools, creams and other beauty lotions. in order. They're also ideal for taking with you when traveling, as they don't take up much space.

This is what we guarantee with our collections:

-Best value for money

Top-of-the-range vanity case models

-We listen to our customers to offer you unique vanity case models

You'll find many different vanity case models in our online store. We can divide them into two categories: those for personal use, such as the travel vanity case, and those for business use. for professional use or for make-up fans, such as the make-up vanity case. 

The latter are generally larger and contain more divisions than those intended for classic use. 

Whatever your use, a vanity case is never superfluous. We're sure you'll find the perfect model for you, depending on how you use it.

So opt for a little magic with a trendy, compact vanity case, in shapes, tones and textures to suit every woman. Perfect for organizing your make-up, skincare products and creams. Say goodbye to open bottles and spilled products. 

Neutral colors, logoed, metallic or quilted, choose a style and design that stands out. Our vanity cases are designed with the classic vanity shape in mind, with a little retro charm added, but with all the benefits you'd expect from such an accessory.

Inspired by a passion for functional and useful design, at Sogaïa, we set the standard, with the widest choice of Vanity. Choose from our hundreds of Women's vanity cases :

Make-up Vanity, Rigid Vanity, Travel Vanity, Girl Vanity or Make-up Case, ideal for your brushes, lipsticks, makeup and cosmetics.

This means that every product, every compartment and every feature has a specific purpose: to help you get organized and carry your favorite products wherever you go!

A great choice for a great pleasure!

The widest choice of Toiletry Bags

Ideal for travel or to take your beauty products out of the house, the toiletry bag is not useful, it is indispensable for storing all your hygiene products.

One of the main factors influencing the choice of a toiletry bag is its size or shape. 

The good news is that we have a wide variety of models, all adapted to the members of your family. 

In our online boutique, you'll find a collection of men's toilet bags, women's toilet bags and even girls' toilet bags. 

Are you concerned about the thickness and hardness of the toiletry bag, its storage space and functionality? 

We've thought of you too, and have selected a wide range of hanging toilet bags, transparent toilet bags and large multi-compartment bags.

Take a look around our online store and you'll find the following toiletry bag collections:

The best multi-compartment toiletry bag

Unlike many traditional toiletry bags, this model has something very special: extra-large storage space and a specific compartment for each of your toiletries.

This toiletry bag is made up of very useful segments, offering a very large storage volume where you can place your various accessories such as your toothbrush, comb, washcloth, etc. 

You can also easily store liquids for your daily grooming routine. An ideal toiletry bag if you're bringing along beauty products for the whole family.

The best travel toiletry bag for men and women

If you're planning a trip, you don't just have to think about packing. Your toiletry bag should also be part of your plans, because when you have to carry liquids, you run the risk of spilling them. 

Our collection of men's toilet bags and women's toilet bags offers you practical, watertight designs, with different internal divisions so you can store all your toiletries neatly. 

You'll arrive at your destination with your suitcase in order and your beauty products safe and sound, ready to use.

The best hanging toiletry bag

Having your belongings close at hand is always a plus. Our collection of hanging toiletry bags has an internal hook that will be very useful if you want to hang it up and have one of your toiletries at hand. 

What's more, you can put the hook away when you don't need it, so it doesn't get in the way. Our toiletry bags have several compartments - the main compartment and side pockets - for optimum storage of your products. 

A real treat for those who like to save space in their bathroom!

The toiletry bag can be carried comfortably with the rest of your luggage. As it's not very large, it doesn't take up too much space and is easy to place among the rest of your belongings. 

What's more, most of our toilet bags come with an integrated handle, so you can easily carry it from one place to another, or hang it up to keep everything close at hand. All without sacrificing its elegant, modern and versatile design.

To take things a step further, we offer a number of guarantees.

The material of our toiletry bags is durable and comfortable.

A toiletry bag that won't chip or crack.

A model that never goes out of fashion: Our toiletry bags are timeless and do not suffer from passing fashions.

It's breathable: to prevent humidity problems and protect your beauty products even better.

A great choice for a great pleasure!

Our guarantees for your satisfaction