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Vanity ou Trousse de Toilette

Vanity ou trousse de toilette ? -

Vanity or Toiletry Bag?

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1. The toilet bag :

Large Toiletry Bag with Compartment

We no longer present (almost!) the toilet bag, essential and eternal companion of all our travels. Indeed, this small zipped bag has the advantage of finding its place in all bags, even the smallest when you prefer to travel light. Traditionally - and as its name suggests - we carry toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, mini shower gels and shampoos , etc. It is usually made of canvas, synthetic, plastic, and even leather .

Big, small, printed, transparent, chic, playful... We find something for all tastes and in all colors . It will be understood, the toilet bag has long been able to make itself indispensable. However, it also has some limitations . Glamorous people accustomed to having wide ranges of cosmetics will certainly find it insufficient, even for short stays. Indeed, impossible to put all your panoply of makeup , care and perfumes, and that's where the vanity case takes over!

Before making your (best) choice, let's review the different types of pencil cases and vanities that exist on the market . Some details that sometimes escape us can be decisive in optimizing a purchase.

Which kit to choose?

The soft toilet bag:

Toiletry Bag with Storage

If you avoid putting liquid products in it that could damage it and its contents, the soft toiletry bag is your best ally in everyday life . First, they come in all sizes, which is very practical for choosing one that fits in our everyday handbag, and why not choose one that matches? Thus, you always keep the products and/or accessories you need most often on you, while accessing them in a jiffy without having to return all the contents of your bag!

For a weekend or a longer stay , the toiletry bag is essential. Its malleability allows us to easily insert it in any luggage among our dresses and t-shirts. We will choose its size according to the duration of our stay, the range of our products, and the use we wish to make of it.

If you have nothing to hide, clear soft plastic cases can be as stylish as they are practical. Even more need to search his case to find his tweezers or his small box of lenses , at a glance, it's spotted! You can also use the transparent case as a nice accessory for the beach, ideal for storing sunscreen and hair clips. You can even provide a small one to store your bathing suit still wet at the end of the day. In addition, to clean it in the event of an accident, a wipe with a cloth and your kit is like new again!

Transparent Hanging Case

To store your accessories and lipsticks for example , it is always more chic to choose your fabric case. The padded pencil case for example is the most beautiful effect . If you want to store all your makeup in it, it is advisable to have several small cases rather than one large one . Finding these famous traces of mixed powders at the bottom of your textile case is never very pleasant, so classify your products by family to preserve them from bacteria and premature wear. Otherwise, to clean your fabric kit, wash it with soap or detergent and you're done. Although the washing machine is tempting, it is better to favor washing by hand to keep it longer.

Quilted Toiletry Bag

As for its closing system, zip or press button, everything will depend on the personal preferences of each one and the use that we make of it. If it stays in the bathroom, a case with a single press button can do its job . If on the other hand, you plan to carry it in your handbag or luggage, it is better to choose one that closes with a zip at the risk of seeing your precious products scattered, damaged , or even worse. , damage our clothes!

The rigid toiletry bag:

A choice motivated by taste or caution! If you want to transport small fragile objects such as mini glass bottles, or store your glasses in it, the rigid case is ideal for making short and long trips in complete safety . Like the soft case, it comes in several sizes and colors.

The travel kit:

Today, there are also kits designed specifically for travel. Among them, the transparent case manufactured in the dimensions required for customs clearance. These offer the advantage of not having to quickly unpack liquid products to put them in the famous plastic bag so inconvenient distributed in airports. Less stress! For your travels, remember to always equip yourself with at least one kit provided for this purpose.

Airplane Transparent Toiletry Bag

For travel, there is also an ultra-practical model: the foldable multi-case! There can be up to 6 cases that you can roll up and close, depending on the model, using a magnetic clasp or zipper, before putting it in your travel bag. If you are traveling alone and want to compartmentalize your belongings in order to keep them clean and tidy , this kit can contain all the products you will need on vacation. If, on the contrary, you are traveling as a family, consider assigning a kit to each member , you will save both space and money!

Women's Practical Toiletry Bag

This clever find comes with a hook so it can be hung anywhere ! In terms of practicality and space saving, it's hard to do better! Moreover, it can also be useful at home if you lack storage space in your bathroom. Just hang it on the door and you're done! Thus, your products remain within reach without invading your (small) space.

The kit for men:

Like women, men (worthy of the name) also need to have their hygiene and/or cosmetic products nearby. And as for women, models of all kinds are also designed to satisfy the tastes of gentlemen.

Triple Compartment Hanging Toiletry Bag

We still remember the old toilet bag for men which consists of a single rudimentary pouch, in the best of cases equipped with a handle to hang it somewhere, as if at the time men only had to have products basic hygiene. In addition, the height of boredom, she was always black or brown.

Today, the kits offered to men are as practical and ingenious as those intended for women. Not to mention that there are an infinite number of unisex models .

Men's Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag

For a very masculine gift, consider a beautiful leather toiletry bag , the vintage touch will definitely work!

The fun kit:

Personalized kit

We think of kits printed with famous characters, a mascot or a funny message. These are most often aimed at children with their Disney characters and at teenagers fond of original patterns , rhinestones and nice little inscriptions, but also at teenagers who like to put fun in their lives! The playful kit can also be a great gift idea!

2. The Vanity Case :

Vanity Toiletry Bag

The vanity case is made for those who think bigger. This is version 2.0 of the toiletry bag . It is traditionally designed to accommodate make-up and other cosmetics . However, this is not an absolute rule, everyone can make use of it as they wish. The classic vanity has rigid sides and is usually made of polycarbonate or aluminum. It offers a cubic design that evokes the small briefcases of yesteryear. Often, it has a small mirror inside for quick make-up fittings! It's a bit of a compromise between a travel bag and a toiletry bag. Compared to the toilet bag, the vanity-case offers the advantage of being more robust and waterproof, it can also accommodate infinitely more products. Farewell to the anxiety of small accidents that can cost our clothes dearly! The vanity secures both the content and the container. The closing system is reliable and comes in the form of a zip, code or lock to be opened with a small key, depending on the model you have chosen. Ingeniously compartmentalized, the vanity is a real storage ally for those who are not good at optimizing space. Like the toilet bag, the vanity offers an infinite array of variations to satisfy all tastes and needs.

Vanity Woman Chic

Which vanity to choose?

The flexible vanity:

Soft Vanity Case

the soft vanity is made for those who prefer a certain malleability to make it fit easily in a suitcase or travel bag. Unlike the soft bag, its compartmentalized system and its many elastic bands prevent the products from knocking together inside to the rhythm of the jolts. This avoids breakage and soiling.

The rigid vanity:

Makeup Vanity with Illuminated Mirror

The rigid vanity automatically makes us think of the silver briefcases of make-up artists on movie sets. If you like the traditional-chic style, this timeless model is a safe bet. Robust and timeless , you are sure to keep it for a very long time! If you prefer innovation and originality, you will surely find your happiness among the multitude of models that are manufactured today. The rigid vanity is the easiest to clean . It also has the advantage of keeping your products away from moisture. If you leave your makeup in your bathroom, consider storing them in a rigid vanity rather than in cupboards or toiletry bags, as humidity and heat can damage them.

Vanity Woman

Vanity Travel:

Vanity Suitcase

Some brands offer matched vanity-suitcase sets . They have a very practical system allowing them to be hooked to each other . If, on the other hand, you want to keep your vanity on you as hand luggage, you can choose one with a handle or a shoulder strap to facilitate its transport.

Vanity for men:

Vanity Man

Do not panic gentlemen, the vanity-man is not feminine! As we said before, vanity is not just for makeup. Vintage, sporty, chic, in synthetic material or leather, you will certainly find the one that suits you among the very many models that exist. Apart from its more "manly" appearance, the vanity for men shares all the characteristics of the women's vanity case in terms of practicality . For a weekend or for the holidays, it will always prove its usefulness and versatility .

The baby vanity:

Trendy Diaper Bag

Enough to plan your travels with baby with complete peace of mind ! An easy-to-carry vanity, equipped with multiple pockets designed to accommodate a bottle, nappies, diapers, and even your baby for a change or a nap in a bed space!


This is what makes the best choice. If you take into account your needs and a few criteria, you can't go wrong, it's like everything ;) So, have fun on Sogaïa!
It only remains for me to wish you a beautiful sunny holiday!
Miss June
July 14, 2021.

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