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Quelle est la meilleure trousse de toilette de voyage

Quelle est la meilleure trousse de toilette de voyage -

What is the best travel toiletry bag?

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Whether you are traveling for pleasure or for work, in any case, you know that you must take essential hygiene products and accessories with you.

In the current context, we must always bear in mind the constraints imposed by the security measures imposed by airports.

It is possible that some of your favorite products are not tolerated on board the plane and that you have to put them in the trash. Which is always a shame.

Put together, all your accessories and hygiene products can end up being very heavy in your luggage while taking up an important place.

That's why today you've decided to search for the best travel toiletry bag.

The one that will allow you to travel in comfort, optimizing your organization and the space your kit takes up in your belongings.

Investing in a travel toiletry bag is a very good idea, for many reasons.

We have prepared a selection of the best travel kits to make your job easier.

You will see that a toiletry bag has other names such as travel kit, cosmetic pouch, vanity case, travel vanity, foldable toiletry bag.

The ones in our selection are practical, elegant and smart. Some are waterproof, others are equipped with a zip and transparent pockets.

Follow the guide to the best travel toiletry bag!

The quick toiletry bag

Quick Makeup Cosmetic Bag

The round toilet bag is definitely super smart and clever .

Why ?

Quite simply because you can store your shower products (shampoo, shower gel) as well as your make-up accessories (brushes, blush, color palettes) as well as your tweezers or your razor. Everything is in the same large central pocket .

When you have arrived at your destination and want to access the contents of your Quick Makeup toiletry bag, simply put it down, then open it by untying the small ribbon.

And there, surprise! Your toilet bag opens fully and completely to reveal everything you need.

It is really the ideal toiletry bag for those who do not take the lead and who want a bag where they can quickly stuff all their things .

A little extra: when you're not using your pencil case and it's empty, you can fold it up so that it can be stored in the small pocket provided for this purpose.

Nice for saving space in your cupboards .

The transparent vanity

Clear Vanity

The transparent vanity is perfect especially if you often take the plane.

Why ?

Quite simply because the transparent vanity saves you a lot of time when showing your belongings to airport security before boarding.

  • Forget the small plastic bags that you absolutely had to have to wrap your perfume bottle.

  • Forget about wasting time at the airport having to show your toiletries to an agent.

This toiletry bag is very practical for storing both the products that ensure your shower ritual and your daily make-up session.

No more hassle of having to open your toiletry bag and move it from top to bottom to find a simple cotton swab!

The transparency of this kit allows you to find what you are looking for in the blink of an eye .

Its volume gives you the possibility of putting other smaller cases in it, for example one for your jewelery and one for your make-up kit.

The foldable and hanging toiletry bag

Foldable Toiletry Bag

This is a real must for practical travelers .

Depending on how you store your suitcase, you can put it folded in your belongings. But you can also leave it unfolded.

As soon as you arrive at your destination, wherever you are, all you need to do is find a hook that will allow you to attach your easy hanging and foldable toiletry bag .

Imagine yourself on a train or a plane... You want to freshen up, style your hair or put on some mascara. With this hanging toiletry bag, it is possible and easy.

Hang it on the door of the toilet, the bathroom or on a hook, and you have immediate access to all the contents of your kit .

Awesome no?

The hiking toiletry bag

Multi-compartment toiletry bag

This is the ideal toiletry bag if you are a hiking enthusiast . It has been designed to be practical outdoors .

It has a handle to carry it very easily.

What makes it strong are the different compartments that make it up. Here, everything has its place. If you like to have a hiking toiletry bag that is neatly stored or stands upright, you will love this model thanks to its height.

hiking toiletry bag

In the waterproof compartment below , you can even slip in a wet towel, toothbrush or flip-flop!.

The large toiletry bag with several compartments

toiletry bag with several compartments

This compartmentalized toiletry bag is amazing!

Everything has been thought out and provided for storing your tube of toothpaste, razor, toothbrush, shower gel and shampoo. There's even a dedicated compartment for makeup brushes!

This kit combines all the advantages:

  • It folds and unfolds easily, just by operating the zip.

  • You can suspend it to access all your stuff.

  • The different compartments allow you to know where everything is .

  • You have small pockets and sections that are either zipped, or with a small net that retains the contents, or with an elastic band.

  • To top it all off, this compartmentalized toiletry bag is waterproof to protect its contents.

Once folded and closed, it carries well with its small handle.

Finally, when closed, this toiletry bag slips discreetly into your suitcase, taking up minimal space with its compact size.

You will be delighted!

Alexander C.
April 29, 2021

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