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Trousse de toilette qui s'accroche

La trousse de toilette qui s'accroche -

The clinging toiletry

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The toiletries are essential accessories For travelers And for those who like to be well organized. However, it can be difficult to keep a tidy and easily accessible toiletry bag when you are on the go. It's there that The clinging toiletries enters the game.

In this article, we will explain to you why the clinging toiletries are a solution Practical and effective for your trips and outings, and present some of the best options available on the market.


Why choose a clinging toiletry bag?

  • Organization
When you travel, it is essential to be well organized so as not to waste time looking for your toiletries. The clinging toiletries allow you to keep your organized and easily accessible toiletries, because they have storage compartments and pockets and straps, to hold all your toiletries.
  • Space
The clinging toiletries are designed to be suspended, which allows you to Gain space in your travel bag or in your bathroom. They are often larger than traditional toiletries, offering more space to store all your toiletries.
  • Hygiene
The clinging toiletries allow you to keep your toiletries out of the ground, which is essential to maintain good hygiene. Indeed, the soil can be a nest with bacteria and germs, and toiletries can easily come into contact with these pathogens. By suspending your toiletry bag, you can make sure that your toiletries remain clean and hygienic.
  • Versatility
The clinging toiletries are versatile and can be used For all kinds of activities, whether it is a plane trip, a camping weekend or a night with friends. They are also ideal for daily use in your bathroom, because they allow you to keep your toiletries organized and at hand.

What are the different types of toiletries that hang on?

We will present you the different types of hanging toiletries, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. We will also give you some tips for choosing the toilet bag that will best suit your needs.

  • The crochet toiletry bag

Crochet toiletry bag 

The crochet toiletry bag is probably The most popular toiletry bait clips. It has a rear hook which allows it to be hanged on a door or a shower bar. This kit is generally large enough to contain all your toiletries, but it can be bulky if you travel light.
  • The foldable toiletry bag

Foldable toiletry bag

The foldable toiletry bag is ideal for travelers who have little space. It is designed to be easily folded and stored in your travel bag. It is often equipped with a hook to hang it when you arrive at your destination. This kit is light and compact, but it can be a little less practical if you have to transport bulky toilet products.
  • The compartment toiletry bag

Compartment toiletry bag

The compartment toiletry bag is ideal for those who want to keep their toilet products well organized. It is equipped with Several pockets and compartments to store The different products. This kit is generally larger That other models, but it can be more practical if you need easy access to all your toiletries. It can also be used by several people at the same time.
  • The transparent hanging toiletry

Transparent hanging toiletry

The transparent hanging toiletry bag is designed to beSuitable for short plane trips. It thus makes it possible to have 2 essential qualities:
- Perfect for cabin suitcases. THE control at your luggage airport will be facilitated With this kit which will not be necessary to open.
- Ideal for freeing space on a sink In a bathroom or camping, hanging it anywhere!
  • The personalized hanging toiletry

Customizable hanging toiletry

The personalization of the hanging toiletry bag adds a personal and elegant touch to the accessory. It is possible to personalize the kit with its name or logo, which makes it easily recognizable and unique. In short, the personalized hanging toiletry is a travel accessory for travelers wishing to organize their toiletry bag in a practical way, while adding a personal touch to their travel equipment.


How to choose the toiletry bag that suits you?

To choose the toilet bag that suits you best, you will have to take several criteria into account :
  • The size : Choose a toiletry kit suitable for the amount of products you transport.


  • The weight : If you travel light, choose a light and compact toiletry bag.

  • The practicality : If you need easy access to all your toiletries, choose a compartment toiletry bag.

  • Design : Choose a design that suits your personal style.


In summary, There are several types of toiletries that cling, each with its advantages and disadvantages.
So, to choose the toiletry bag that suits you best, Take into account size, weight, practicality and design.
We hope this article will have helped you find the perfect toiletry bag for your trips!
Alexandre C.
February 18, 2023.

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