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Que mettre dans une trousse de toilette bébé

Que mettre dans une trousse de toilette bébé ? -

What to put in a baby toiletry bag?

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What to put in a baby toiletry bag?

Are you traveling for the first time with your baby? Have you packed your toiletry bag, but are you wondering what to put in your child's? Want to make sure you don't forget anything?

It's true that traveling with children can be chaotic, but to help ease the pressure we know exactly how to help you get organised.

When you travel, we know that your family's health and hygiene is a top priority. Preparing your children's toiletries is something you need to master. Even if it's not every day that you go on vacation, being prepared and organized will help you better prepare for your trip.

To help you in the development of your baby toiletry bag, we have compiled a list of essential toiletries for your child to help you prepare for your next family trip.

Let's find out right away.

I - Tips for making your toiletry bag

Before we get to the essentials, let's quickly run through these few tips for packing your child's toiletries for the trip.

Tip #1: Use a child's toiletry bag.

It may be very small by name, but it is spacious in reality. Just because your kids are small doesn't mean they only have a few essentials.

You'll be surprised how much toiletries these little kids need.

And you'll be even more surprised at how many travel-size bottles you can fit in her toiletry bag.

Tip #2: Use travel bottles for liquids.

Besides helping you get through baggage check faster, kids don't really need full-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner for their little hair. You will be able to fit more essentials in their toiletry bag if you use travel size containers.

Tip #3: Refill toiletries that run out.

Instead of running to the supermarket to buy new toiletries, simply reuse containers and refill the ones that run out. For example, if there's no more cream in her travel cream tube, take her full-size cream and add it to the empty tube, and voila, she's like new. Not only do you save money, but you also save the planet by reusing the plastic tubes.

Our team's pro tip: Prepare baby's toiletry bag in advance. Next, keep your baby's toiletry bag in a cupboard or drawer (with the essentials inside) so you don't have to constantly put it away when you travel. The next time you go on a trip, just grab your child's toiletry bag and be ready to go.

II - What to put in your baby's toilet bag

It's easy to forget the essentials when you're in a rush to pack. Well, that's the problem. Don't pack your bags in a hurry. And do not forget about the basics - cream, shampoo, soap, you must already have an idea.

Be aware, however, that the preparation of your child's hygiene kit goes far beyond these basic elements.

Have no fear, our experts have covered everything you need to bring for your child's toiletry bag. They have prepared a small non-exhaustive list of the main products to put in your toilet bag. There she is :

Baby shampoo/all-in-one cleanser: Choose a product that's gentle on your baby's skin and with a tear-free formula.

A mini-brush or a comb: Opt for a comb with wide teeth and soft bristles.

Baby oil or lotion: This helps keep your baby's skin soft and hydrated.

Sunscreen: Consult your pediatrician before applying sunscreen to your baby's skin. If possible, just keep them in the shade when it's too hot outside.

Baby nasal spray or saline water: This will allow you to easily clear your baby's nose when it is blocked.

Digital Thermometer: To check your baby's temperature.

Baby Travel Wipes - This is surely one of the essential products for any baby toiletry bag. Ultra practical, they allow you to clean your baby's hands, face or buttocks in the blink of an eye.

Sponge or a washcloth - Very useful for cleaning your baby during and after meals, diaper changes and moments of spit-up. Or just to play with and entertain him during the bath.

Nail Clipper/Nail File - The smallest nail file that can fit in her toiletry bag should do the trick.

Healing Ointment - You never know when your baby will get a cut or scrape. Where else to use when the weather makes your baby's skin dry during travel. In the same way, you can take her diaper rash cream with you if your baby suffers from it.

Hand sanitizer - Opt for a hand sanitizer that is alcohol-free, organic, and safe for your baby's skin.

Disposable Plastic Bags - Put your baby's smelly diapers in a plastic bag before throwing them in the trash, or use them for anything stained, dirty or wet.

III - Choosing the travel toiletry bag for your baby

When choosing a toiletry bag for your child, don't settle for a cute one. We recommend opting instead for a functional case in attractive colors.

It would also be better if it were transparent so that you can see what is inside and easily find its cream or wipes. And above all, it must have a travel size, just like yours, so that it can fit in its small suitcase or in its diaper bag.

In summary, if you are wondering what is the best baby travel toiletry bag, it must meet these conditions:

  • It is functional
  • It comes in cute colors (kids and moms will definitely love it!).
  • It has a clear design (which allows you to easily see your child's essentials inside).
  • It's just under a quarter litre, so it's perfect for going through airport security!

It's up to you to prepare the baby toiletry bag

Now that we have discovered how to make your baby's toiletry bag , and know which is the best toiletry bag for him, it's time to prepare it!

Thanks to this list of 12 essential items to put in your baby's toiletry bag, you are now an expert and will have no stress when preparing for your trip.

We know there are plenty of options when buying a toiletry bag, but know that you really don't need to spend a lot to get something practical and of excellent quality.

At Sogaïa , we understand this, which is why we have selected a wide range of the best toiletry bags on the market for you. Quickly discover this collection on our online store.

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November 14, 2021.

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