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Comment voyager léger : 7 astuces

Comment voyager léger : 7 astuces -

How to travel light: 7 tips

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Are you planning your next trip and want to travel light? Do you want to take the essentials with you and want to be sure not to forget anything?

Rest assured. If you have no idea how to travel light, we share a list of essentials to give you an idea of ​​how to pack.

Packing light can seem like a challenge if you're the type of person who travels with your entire wardrobe. However, with the right advice on how to travel light, you will manage to fit two weeks' luggage in a backpack or in a small suitcase.

And that's what we're going to find out in this article.

Let's see that right away.

I - The advantages of traveling light

We all know that when we travel, and especially with budget airlines, it is very important to reduce our luggage as much as possible to avoid unnecessary costs.

With the holidays approaching and last minute trips to nearby destinations to spend a few days away, it is increasingly important that our luggage does not incur additional costs. Traveling without suitcases or with the necessary luggage is becoming more important than ever.

Indeed, more and more of us are checking the weight of our suitcases before travelling. Never before has it been so important to lighten the load of your luggage.

Here are some of the reasons why it is important to travel light:

It's much cheaper

Currently, airlines do not charge for carry-on baggage, while checking a bag on a round-trip flight can cost you dearly, a well-organized 10-kilogram carry-on bag can you avoid this additional cost.

Faster check-in

In fact, checking in online saves you time. You don't have to queue at the check-in counter and you can go straight through security. Plus, you don't have to wait for your bag or suitcase to come off the conveyor belt when you arrive at your destination.

Easier to transport

Carrying only one bag means less luggage to carry and therefore less risk of losing it or having it stolen.

And now that we've seen what the advantages of traveling light are, let's discover some tips to help you do so.

II - 7 tips for traveling light

1. Use a small, lightweight suitcase

The oldest trick and probably the easiest way to travel light: Use a small suitcase or a small backpack so you can't pack too much. Don't be tempted to buy a suitcase that's a little too big, because you'll fill the space with unnecessary things.

You can also choose to travel only with hand luggage. To do this, choose a small suitcase designed to be the perfect size for carry-on luggage, i.e. it is as big as possible without being too big.

Preferably, opt for a model that has separate compartments so that everything is well organized and that it is a real pleasure to travel with. This is a great option if you plan to travel only with cabin baggage.

2. Bring the bare necessities of clothing

Shoes are often the bulkiest items in our bags, so never travel with more than two pairs.

Carry your bulkiest pair on the plane and an easy-to-carry pair in your bag. There's nothing better than a pair of sneakers for the day and a slightly more chic pair of shoes for the evening.

Jeans or pants are another bulky item to take on a trip. Never travel with more than one pair and always wear them on the plane.

Finally, do not bring clothes that you do not usually wear or that you will not need depending on your destination. Indeed, there is no need to burden yourself with a big coat if you go under the coconut trees for example.

3. Minimize toiletries

If you're staying at the hotel, we're pretty sure you'll be provided with shampoo and soap, so leave yours at home. For men, that means they can get by with travel-size deodorant and toothpaste.

For women, it's a different story. Most will have a little more trouble, as there are toiletries you just can't live without.

So look for products that perform several different functions like 2-in-1 products.

As for storage, choose a toiletry bag that is both compact and functional. The goal is for it to take up as little space as possible in your luggage and provide enough space to carry all your toiletries.

4. Pack for a week, even if you're going for longer.

One of the rules to follow is to limit yourself to what is strictly necessary. A motto among travelers with long-distance experience is to pack for a week, regardless of length of stay, and do the laundry along the way.

Indeed, if your clothes are dirty, you can always do a laundry once there or better leave your clothes in the laundromat.

5. Put your little things in the big ones

Shoes are a good place to put socks, underwear, jewelry or toiletries if you don't bring a toiletry bag of course.

There are also travel vanities to compartmentalize things and keep them tidy, which means more space.

Finally, know that ironed clothes take up less space, but another option is to roll them up, which will prevent wrinkles from forming.

6. Make-up bag and medicine: opt for the mini size

For those who cannot do without their lotion or body cream, stock up on a small arsenal of empty bottles to fill with your usual products. There are miniature versions, but they are usually expensive. This is why it can be useful to take a small quantity of your products with you in these small bottles.

The same goes for makeup. Pick the ones you use the most and forget the rest. The best thing is to bring a small make-up bag made especially for your stay.

Finally, the drugs. Avoid carrying your entire arsenal. It is preferable to calculate the doses per day and to use pill dispensers or to carry a simple first aid kit with you.

7. Accessories, only the essentials

A call to the hotel reception or a check of the equipment on the site's web page can save us from having to carry a hair dryer, or electrical adapters.

Similarly, if the book you're reading is very bulky, forget about it until you return from your trip and opt for something lighter. And if not, there is always the e-book version which can greatly facilitate your task.

III - How to organize your hand luggage

Take only the essentials

We've seen this before, but most people pack an extra pair of shoes just in case, a hair dryer, an extra jacket, etc. The truth is, any extra clothing creates unnecessary space that will hold you back in your travels.

Roll your clothes

Organizing the items in your luggage is one of the most important tasks when packing your suitcase. In general, it's best to put the heaviest items at the bottom, put shoes in individual bags so they don't get stained, and the last secret: roll up all your clothes to avoid wrinkles and take the least of possible space.

Carry bulky items

If you're short on space, it's best to pack your bulkier items when you travel by plane. If you are traveling to a cold destination, for example, bring your heaviest coat and the shoes that take up the most space.

In summary

Traveling light does not necessarily mean traveling ultra-light. If you're not ready or able to make all of these changes at once, add a few each time you pack.

As you may have seen, traveling light gives you extra freedom and flexibility that you don't have with heavy luggage.

You can get around airports and train stations quickly and it's so much easier to take public transport with a small bag. You save money by not having to check your bags on the plane and you can keep your bags handy wherever you go.

You're also less likely to lose items when you're traveling light because it's easier to keep track of your belongings.

And you, do you have any other travel tips to help you travel light? Feel free to send them to us in the comments.

Fred P.
December 2, 2021.

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