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Comment optimiser sa trousse de toilette ?

Comment optimiser sa trousse de toilette ? -

How to optimize your toiletry bag?

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Are you preparing your toiletry bag for your next trip? Do you want to be sure you can take your daily toiletries with you without leaving some of them in your bathroom?

We've got the tips you need to optimize your toiletry bag like a pro.

Packing for a trip can be fun and sometimes challenging, especially when it comes to packing toiletries for your next trip.

In this article, we will see together:

  • Why buy a toiletry bag
  • How to choose a toiletry bag
  • 3 tips to optimize your toiletry bag

Let's find out right away.

I - Why buy a toiletry bag for your trip?

Each person has different reasons for buying a toiletry bag. However, we have found two key reasons why you should opt for a toiletry bag.

Personal hygiene

The first and most important reason to pack a toiletry bag is for personal hygiene. Whether you're going on a long or short trip, packing your toiletries is a great idea.

We all agree, wherever you go, having a daily grooming routine is a must. And nothing better than taking your products with you!

A toiletry bag can therefore be a real ally when it comes to travelling, especially if you are going for a long stay.

Store everything important

Having a toiletry bag is not only practical, it is also a time saver. No matter how many things you carry, everything will be organized with a good toiletry bag.

Of course, you can't fit everything in your toiletry bag, that's a fact. However, the toiletry bag helps you separate cosmetics, toiletries and your makeup. You don't have to search everywhere to find your items.

II - The criteria for choosing the right toilet bag?

Now that we have seen why it is important to use a toiletry bag, let's see together what are the criteria to take into account when choosing your toiletry bag.

Whether you're going away for a weekend or a summer abroad, one thing is certain: you need a reliable way to transport and organize your personal belongings.

When reviewing the different styles of toiletry bags, it can be difficult to choose the best option.

So what are the important features to consider? We have chosen three:

The size of the toiletry bag

The first criterion for selecting a toiletry bag is undoubtedly its size. Everyone asks the same question. Should we choose a family model to be able to take all our products with us? Or should we favor a smaller and more compact model that will not take up space in our suitcase?

We suggest you find a balance.

Choose a kit that is compact enough to save space in your luggage or backpack, but still large enough to carry the toiletries you need for your trip.

Organizing the toiletry bag

First of all, you need to think about how you want to access your toiletries. Do you prefer simplicity with a main pocket and a large single compartment? Or do you love organization and prefer that your products each have a specific place in your toiletry bag? So many criteria that make you choose one model over another.

Now you understand why the kit template is important. So you have to think about which is best for you, namely between a single compartment toiletry bag and a multi-compartment toiletry bag.

The material of the toiletry bag

As for the organization, the choice of material is also an element to be taken into account.

Some people will recommend clear plastic to speed up airport security. Indeed, it can be useful, provided that your toiletry bag does not exceed one litre.

At Sogaïa, we recommend that you choose a toiletry bag or vanity case for travel that is functional and practical during your stay.

With this in mind, which material is the best for a toiletry bag? If you will be exposed to the elements, opt for a durable and robust fabric such as a nylon toiletry bag. You do not intend to brave the great outdoors and prefer to focus on style? Consider investing in a quality leather case for durability and style.

III - 3 tips to optimize your toilet bag

Tip 1: Set a limit

As we have seen previously, the first thing to do is to buy a small travel toiletry bag, preferably light. This can make a big difference, especially if you are only traveling with hand luggage and your total cabin weight is only a maximum of 10 kilos.

Then you will need to fill your toiletry bag. At first glance, it may seem impossible to fit everything into this little bag. But at this point you have to start making choices.

Be rigorous. Take only what you really need. You can definitely survive a week without all your face creams. One may be enough. And if you discover during your trip that you forgot one, know that you can always buy it at your destination.

Likewise, only pack things that can fit in your toiletry bag! It sounds logical, but sometimes it needs to be repeated. Take your toiletries out of bulky packaging and into smaller, reusable containers.

Finally, make sure your toiletries are suitable for the type of trip you have planned. What do we mean by that? If you are going for a hike or in the middle of the jungle, you may not need your makeup.

Tip 2: Pack strong toiletries

It's easy to save space and weight in your suitcase by using strong toiletries.

A great classic, shampoo is the easiest to replace. Solid shampoos work like a charm. Just run it over your wet hair a few times and work it into a lather as usual.

Another well-known option is to use lip balm rather than cream to keep your lips hydrated. Balms are not considered liquids and they are available for many uses.

Know that there are many other ways to replace liquids with solids to optimize your toiletry bag. For example, you can use a bar soap or a solid shower gel instead of a shower gel.

Finally, if you can't find a solid alternative, try to find the product in wipe form. Very practical, they can be used to disinfect or better, wash your face. And there are even versions with nail polish remover.

Tip 3: Add versatile items to your toiletry bag

Our final tip is to find items that you can use for as many things as possible.

Take soap for example. You can use it for more than washing your face and body. It can also be useful for washing last minute laundry or quitting a quick chore if you don't have a washing machine handy.

Want another example? Choose a dry oil, which can be used for face, body and hair.

Choose the right toiletry bag

As you have understood, an optimized toiletry bag is not just about taking a toothbrush and a comb. Making your toiletry bag in a minimalist way can actually include everything you need on a daily basis if you do it right.

As you know, optimizing your toiletry bag has many advantages. In addition, it will be much easier for you to travel with a simple hand luggage if you decide to travel light.

Finally, wherever you go - and whatever you take with you - if you take the time to find the right toiletry bag, the investment will be worth it, and it could well accompany you for a lifetime of travel.

To help you in your choice and to make your task easier, we have selected for you a range of toiletry bags among which, we are sure, you will find the ideal model.

So, ready to optimize your toiletry bag for your next trip?

Fred P.
December 16, 2021.

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